January 02, 2018

Hurrah for 2017!

From the bright-eyed diligence, infatuation, to bittersweet goodbyes, 2017 swept and tossed us like the proverbial plastic bag. It's as if I've gone through a lifetime's worth of experiences, and surely, I wasn't the only one. Heck, I even went through a rollercoaster ride in the fandom I'm in. (a big hug to ARMYs around the world)

By the last quarter, I was left physically and mentally spent, which led me to literally stop everything I was doing. Everything came to a halt, and I embraced the stillness to a point where I have almost forgotten all these that I am grateful for. I didn't blog for a year, so this is gonna be a lot:


1. Career Advancement - Within 3 years, I was able to climb the corporate ladder here in the Philippines after coming home from Sydney last 2014, all thanks to the people who believed and supported me. I have been mentored by the best leaders of the brands I handled, and I am forever indebted to them. With their guidance, I was able to take part in the creation of different campaigns, strategies and guidelines that would hopefully benefit the companies in the years to come. Kahit magamit lang nila ng 6 months, masaya na ako.

2. Minimalism and Financial Literacy - My dad provided me with a great deal of financial education last 2016, and I was happily able to apply it in 2017. Slowly, I was able to lead a minimalist lifestyle with my purchases cut down in half. I became more meticulous when it came to my finances, but still took risks. I ventured into a business and diversified my investments. (wow, adulting).

3. My Sister's Wedding - This is the first wedding in our family, and even in our generation in my dad's clan, so the celebration will be more or less a big family reunion. I was informed that a lot of the attendees are now trying to shed extra pounds for this event (push natin lahat yan). As the Maid-Of-Honor, I am tasked to assist the bride in everything. Now I see why people just go to Vegas. 

4. Rest and Recovery - As mentioned, I took the opportunity in the last quarter to assess, reflect and recover both physically and mentally. I started running and swimming almost everyday, I ate healthier and even stopped dating (which took like 54.36% of stress away from my life). I was also very selective of the people I meet, and spent more time with my loved ones. My sister is migrating to the US, so this is the perfect opportunity to be with my family as whole.


I'm only including places with the happiest memories

From Left to right:

1. Baguio 
2. Penang (A beautiful, artsy island in Malaysia known for its UNESCO World Heritage Site )
3. Kuala Lumpur (2nd time in KL but 1st time to have my pic taken with the Petronas in the morning)
4. Singapore (4th time in SG but it was my first time to visit Gardens by the Bay. Go figure.)
5. Marcia Adams 
6. Sofitel 
7. Henry Hotel 
8. Taal Lake
9. UPLB 
10. Cebu (2nd time in Cebu but 1st time to go Canyoneering. What an imposing sight. A big thanks to Egan of nhagzventures.com for being our tour guide.)
11. Subic 
12. Acuaverde (1st time to take the whole family with all 3 of our dogs to the beach. This is one of my happiest memories of 2017.)


From Left to right:
1. Pyro Musical Competition 2017
2. Wanderland Music and Arts Festival
3. I conducted 2 lectures in Lyceum of the Philippines University, thanks to my best friend Gail. 
    (I am passionate about teaching. I really want to pursue it as a profession.)
4. Digital conventions
5. An immensely interesting workshop/hobby I would like to undertake even further
6. Max's Bowls Film Shoot

my birthday celebration:

From Left to right:
1. I'M Hotel (spa and onsen)
2. Golden Sands Shangri-La, Penang
3-4. Surprise birthday cake from my sister in her condo in Malaysia
5. Surprise Birthday lunch with Max's officemates
6. Surprise bouquet from someone

Oo, puro gulatan noong birthday ko. Thanks, guuuyyyssseu.


From Left to right:
1. Farewell resignation gifts from my Globe Postpaid Team 
2. New Office
3. New condo with an awesome view
4. Healthier lifestyle
5. New family c/o my in-laws
6. Bedroom renovation in my parents' house 
(I'm just ecstatic on how it turned out. I donated and threw 75-80% of my belongings. Minimalist lifestyle all the way.)
7-9. All About Hair: Blue waterfalls hair---short blonde---Back to black



my Globe teams: Postpaid, GOTs, Broadway, CMS and AdSpark
My girlfriends, esp Ralen, Pam, and Gail who have been there through everything, digital friends and special mention talaga si Jen, my very talented graphic artist for all my Globe projects, who shares my passion for art and music.

My friends from Max's and MGI teams/leaders, esp Gail, James, and Arianne for your patience, love and support. Thank you so much to Carat, Petch, JAW, Pabrika, Google and all our other agencies who made our campaigns possible. Events and ads galore. 
And of course, to my every loving and supportive families.
 to our Wedding crew hahaha
And to the strongest, bravest, most amazing human being I know, my Lola.

We may not have pics together, but I'm also wishing a blessed 2018 to the nurses, doctors, staff and friends in Makati Med and Asian Hospital. I will never forget your kindness. 


Josh introduced me to No Tomorrow and this show motivated me to create an APOCALIST. Thank you so much, Josh and Zane for checking up on me. May you two have the best years ahead. 
I also started a passion project on Instagram curating artworks.

BTS made me so happy last year. I've never been a huge fan of any band, but once you become a BTS ARMY, you CANNOT get out of it.

Quick facts:
1. They all came from provinces in Korea and started with a relatively small, and unknown agency. 
2. With minimal budget, they were able to become the #1 Korean boy group through savvy digital marketing, hard work and pure talent.
3. Current economic value: 1 TRILLION WON or 920 million USD.  
4. They write their own songs, about social issues such as prejudice, bullying and mental illness
5. They base some of their songs and aesthetic on classical art, music and literature, such as Herman Hesse's "Demian," D. Buxtehude's Passacaglia in D minor, a painting called "The Fall of the Rebel Angels" by Bruegel, Edith Piaf's "Non je ne regrette rien" for the song "House of Cards," and so on.
5. They've launched a campaign with UNICEF Korea called #LoveYourself
6. They have a strong fan base around the world with ages ranging from 13-50yo. They even have fans in Africa!
7. Anything they promote/advertise trends, gets sold out within minutes or increases in sales/market value.
8. America is currently all over them with diff celebs praising them. They were featured in Billboard Music Awards, performed in American Music Awards, Ellen, Jimmy Kimmel, James Cordon and Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve
9. They were in Forbes Korea’s Power Celebrity list of 2017
10. They were No.1 in 73 countries for "Love Yourself: Her" on iTunes charts following its release.

 They're hilarious, humble and the fandom is just too witty. No joke, I've developed smile lines from constant laughing at Twitter and YouTube's comment sections.  I'll stop now or this will turn into a BTS post. But, if you want to check them out, watch FireNot Today and Dope

So, to summarize 2017:

According to my Chinese Horoscope, 2018- Year of the Dog won't be too kind to us Dragons. 
K. Dasal dasal nalang. And if you've read this far, I'll be sharing this learning from my 2013 post which still applies this year: You cannot solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it. You must learn to see the world anew. 
Onwards then. 


Oh and here are my past Hurrahs. They're a bit different each year as they should be.

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