January 01, 2017

Hurrah for 2016!

2016 was a good learning year for me. It felt a bit quiet, but it was a year where I have started to discover what I really wanted for my career, for my partner and for my growth. There is a bit of excitement entering 2017, all thanks to these:

1. Still in the same company, I started my new role in Marketing last year. I was given a lot of freedom to manage the business, strategize and implement several campaigns. My knowledge has expanded from Digital Strategies to Market Research, Device Marketing, E-Commerce, UX/UI, and of course, Sales. I have learned from the best and most amazing people in the industry, both from my team, and our partners. Thank you so much, Postpaid, DPM, CMS, AdSpark, RTM and Huawei teams! I could not be more thankful for this opportunity. 

2. Being able to watch BTS and EXO live. I'm not a huge KPOP fan but I love BTS.

3. Closure. I knew I needed closure when I watched The Naked and Famous live at Wanderland. They sang a very familiar song, "No Way" which I used for a video compilation of my relationship with Mark back when we were younger. The song gave me goosebumps, I was sobbing by the end. Fast forward to October, by chance, we passed by each other at BGC, after a year of no communication. For an hour, in a restaurant I have often commented that smelled and felt like Sydney, I was finally able to have closure with him.  

4. A few weeks before, I was also able to 'confess' my feelings to this person. The events surrounding it were so surreal, but I felt relieved. That was a big thorn off my chest. 

5. Financial Literacy. For the first time, I attended a financial seminar conducted by my very own father, and it blew me away. It was one of those eureka moments, and now, I am literally throwing and getting rid of my liabilities, and am more determined than ever to invest, diversify and grow my finances. 2017 will be a year of minimalist lifestyle for me. 

6. My health condition has also improved. Thank God!

Other than exploring Taiwan with my family, I have been living in BGC's concrete jungle for 2 years that I made sure my weekend getaways consisted of strolling in lush gardens and blue waters in both the South and the North.  2016 was also the year I realized that I love traveling, but found career and financial growth to be more rewarding. I have been traveling and living in different places since 2005, I guess, it was time for me to settle down. As for 2017, "wanderlusting" is not really a priority. 

 The only colors that were planned here were the gray and purple. After coloring my hair purple, it sort of took a life of its own, changing hues every time I wash. Now, my hair is of a gray-ish green color with a bit of purple and blue. I honestly don't know what to do with it next.

These were happy memories, spent with people I treasure. As you can see, most of the "happenings" here are extremely Tita. LOL

L-R from the top
1. Assisted my sister's first art workshop
2.-3 Zet's wedding and a reunion with my BOIE friends
4. I'm a godmother (again) to Sonny and Jenn's cute baby, Icoy
5. It's always fun with Jerica and Pam
6. Missing Ralen so much. I'm glad we were able to bond even for a short time
7. 24? 25? years of friendship with Paolo and Kaytee
8. My UPLB zen dinners with She
9. Reflective lunches with Liz
10. Christmas party bonding with Educ and meeting a wonderful person named Justin
11.  Every moment with my bestfriend, Gail
12. Family bonding during my cute nephew, CJ's christening
13. Morales, Tejada, Orellana, Uy dinners are the best
14. Tasting the Guzman's awesome cooking in their restaurant
15. Lovely lunches and laughs with my Project One girlfriends
16. Late night laughter with Pam and COD boys earlier last year

And of course, my family, my dogs and Ate Sally's family, all of whom I love. Thank you for your unconditional love and support.

I highly recommend these, particularly, A Monster Calls.

Quite frankly, reading through my post, my 2016 seemed too "tame" from my previous Hurrahs, but it's not really the case. There were several misadventures, very interesting characters, side shows and whatnots, that I think only my close office friend knows, and that I prefer not to divulge on the Internet. haha!

As for 2017, my main goal is to take active steps to have a happier work-life balance and relationships, healthier body and wallet. I will limit my purchases, lead a minimalist lifestyle, manage both my career and finances as a top priority. More importantly, I want to put my faith above everything. It's all about what matters inside than what people see outside. 


Oh and here are my past Hurrahs. They're a bit different each year as they should be.

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