June 05, 2016

Nlighten Korean Products Review

 When I was asked to do a product review for my blog, I hesitated a bit due to my busy schedule. But when I heard these were premium Korean products, I knew I had to try them. Nlighten is a Korean brand distributed by NWorld and was launched around August, 2015.

 Koreans are known for creating amazing, quality beauty products, hence, when I was informed that I would be receiving 4 products, it made me feel like Christmas. I tested all 4 items for a week. For the face: Nlighten Cloud Cream, Nlighten O2 Bubble Cleanser and Nlighten CC Cushion. For the body, it's Nlighten Body Cream. 

Some notes to know before proceeding: 
I have acidic skin
 I used them for 7 days in a tropical country with high levels of humidity
I used MAC NC30 pressed powder on top of the CC Cushion
I stopped using my other beauty products for a week to give way to these items
After the O2 Bubble Cleanser, I used L'Oreal facial wash out of habit
Before I used all products, we had a swimming excursion in Los Banos Laguna so I was bit darker
This is going to be a short, quick review of each product

With that out of the way, here are my findings, hope this helps :)

1. Nlighten Cloud Cream
 Cream Claims 
Net wt. 30g
P 1,450

πŸ”…Provides an instant whitening effect
πŸ”…Helps achieve a more healthy and glowing skin 
    πŸ”… Helps maintain an even skin tone 
    πŸ”… Helps diminishes dark spots 
    πŸ”… Helps limit the over-production of melanin 
    πŸ”… Helps reduce the signs of ageing 
    πŸ”… Helps protect the skin from UVA & UVB rays (Sun Block - spf 20) 
    πŸ”… Helps dry pimples 
    πŸ”… No make up look 
    πŸ”… Helps achieve a pinkish white glow

    How to use Cloud Cream:
    ✔Open the jar
    ✔Remove plastic cover (don't throw the cover)
    ✔Use the spoon to mix the cream
    ✔Then use the spoon again and apply a small amount on your T-zone, cheeks, and chin
    ✔Spread the cream through a circular motion on your skin until full coverage

        ✔Packaging is really good. Sturdy and sleek.
✔Easy to apply
✔Really soft and a few swabs go a long way

XGave me dry patches on my face
XA bit sticky and itchy
XNot for sensitive skin

    2. Nlighten Body Cream
 πŸ‹Body Cream Claims 
Net wt. 100g 
P 1,350 
πŸ”… Non-sticky lightening cream 
πŸ”… Present brightening effect 
πŸ”… Enriched with natural ingredients of various essential vitamins 
πŸ”… Helps nourish the skin and enhance the skin's natural protective barrier leaving the skin nourished 
πŸ”… It also helps protect the skin from UVA & UVB rays 
πŸ”… Good for all skin types

How to use Body Cream:
✔Spread a right amount on your body
✔Gently massage
✔For best result use daily.

✔Packaging is really good. Sturdy and sleek.
✔Easy to apply
✔Really soft to touch
✔Results are slightly seen within a week
✔Smells good

  •  Cream on my sister's hand. My sister is a bit darker than me.
    Left: with the cream, Right: without. You can see a very slight difference in color. I'm not sure whether the it has some BB cream in it or reflectors, but once you apply the product, it instantly brightens the skin.

3. Nlighten O2 Bubble Cleanser
πŸ“O2 Bubble Cleanser Claims
Net wt. 70ml
πŸ”… Helps hydrate & rejuvenate the skin
πŸ”… Contains outstanding Oxygen Therapy and various essentials which help relieve the skin from dead skin cells, sebum and impurities
πŸ”… Good for all skin types 

How To Use Nlighten O2 Bubble :
✔2-4 Pumps
✔apply it your dry face
✔leave it for 1 minute and enjoy while enjoying the formulation of oxygen bubbles
✔massage your gently while removing the bubbles
✔rinse off with lukewarm water.

✔Packaging is really good. Sturdy and sleek. Having a pump is usually good.
✔Easy to apply
✔Probably my fave
✔You can really feel the bubbles forming on your face
✔Smells good
✔Thoroughly cleanses


4. Nlighten CC Cushion
Cushion Claims 
Net wt. 15g
πŸ”… Color Control Cushion
πŸ”… Is a revolutionary air cushion technology
πŸ”… Helps achieve a flawless coverage
πŸ”… Helps lighten the skin
πŸ”… Helps prevent the signs of ageing and serve as sun protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays through its broad spectrum SPF 50+ /PA +++. 

πŸ”… Helps obtain a nourished skin with its superior anti-oxidant and hydration contents and ensures a luminous finish by filling the micro lines efficiently
πŸ”… For all skin types

How To Use CC Cushion:
✔Apply by pressing the puff into an "essenced" sponge 

✔gently pat it onto your face
✔For touch ups, re-apply as desired

✔Packaging is sturdy and sleek.
✔Easy to apply
✔Smells good
✔Looks good after setting
✔Coverage is light to medium but was able to cover a lot of my blemishes
✔Brightens dull skin

XPackaging is a bit bulky for my make-up kit
XThe color in sponge doesn't match the actual product
XToo white for my skin 
XCan be a bit sticky on my acidic skin

Left side: with CC cushion, 
Right: bare face. White cast galore. 
Left side: with CC cushion
 Right: bare face but both with MAC NC30 pressed powder. 
As you can see, adding a bit of pressed powder evens the CC cushion a bit. 
Full face with CC cushion + MAC NC30 pressed powder taken after 30 mins when the products have settled a bit. 
There's still a bit of white cast, but it's not as harsh as the first application. 

Overall: The items are a bit pricier than your average Korean beauty products, but the packaging and quality make up for it. Would I purchase them in the future? Maybe the Body Cream and the O2 Bubble Cleanser. I'm very particular when it comes to make-up so the CC Cushion isn't for me. Maybe if they have a bigger range of shades that could accommodate darker, Filipina skin? All in all, these are good products and if you're an adventurous shopper with cash to spare, you should definitely try them.

To know more about Nlighten, you can visit their website: 

or contact Chon and Faye to order:
Chon - 0943 551 1188
Faye - 0943 551 1184

Questions? Talk to me here: Millie's Ask.FM

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  1. thank u for d reviews...it really helps me alot kung anuh ung bibilhin..(will buy O2 bubble cleanser).would appreciate if u'll have a review of nlighten premium soap.. :)

  2. Lahat po ba gagamitin everyday?

  3. thank you sa review. andito ako sa Australia ang just purchased the cloud cream, that o2 bubble cleanser and the kojic soap. I had a first go this morning and like you, I enjoyed the 02 bubble thingy. I have lots of pimples kaya I was adviced to buy it. Tama ka nga po, yung it makes fairer skin churva ang concern ko since sa mukha lang product. Talo tayong mga hindi nagtataglay ng fair skin :(

    1. Hi ask ko lang kung na tuyo ba mga pimples moh?

    2. hello po.. Im a legit distributor of nworld products and i can take ur orders.. u can visit my account and check other feedback- seiferfum mixmatch

  4. How do I get the body cream an in Nigeria and how much is it in naira ?

    1. Hi more or less 8,500 sa NGN.. pwede po DHL kaso lugi ka sa shipping. I suggest marami bilhin mo.. You can inquire here..


    2. are you emmanela of mark angel comedy?

  5. Replies
    1. Hello po. nakapagpurchase n ng O2 bubble or any of the nworld products? Distributor po ako. of u're still interested just check my account in FB. -- seiferfum mix match

    2. Hello po. nakapg purchase ka na po b ng nworld products? Im a legit distributor and i can take ur orders.. u can visit my accoubt and check other feedback/review of nworld products
      fb account - seiferfum mixmatch

    3. Hi po.. Can get it from here..



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  9. I have problems with acne and tried several products but eventually di tlga nawawala pimples ko so when i heard about nlighten products i gambled again hoping na ito n ung sagot sa problem ko, i didnt mind the price as long as ma achieved ko ung gusto kung result but sadly after a month of using pimples still coming out. No changes afterall. Btw i used the 02 bubble, facial cleanser, cloud cream, premium soap and the kojic soap.

    1. Try mo mag Ishigaki amino classic glutathione or Blanclouding

  10. Ask ko lang bout sa products esp un body cream . Example kung mag aapply ba ng body cream sa katawan and pag once na naligo kana babalik na ba ulit sa dating kulay mo un balat mo.? I mean and purpose ba nyan ay for instant whitening lang?

  11. Im using the Nligthen cloud cream and their kojic soap and premium soap. Ang bango ng soap nila especially the premium soap,the blue one. Mild lang sya. So far hiyang ako,although maputi na tlga ako pero nag lighthen mukha ko. :-)

  12. Good to know this stuff. Hirap ng magbreakout..mahal pa naman.thanks for sharing!;)

  13. pwde po gumamit kung nagpapa breastfeed?

  14. pwede po ba gumamit kung breastfeeding?

  15. pwde po gumamit kung nagpapa breastfeed?

    1. If u want to know more about the products pls pm me at my facebook account melanie reyes estellina

    2. for breastfeeding mothers, generally safe but better if you can have it checked with your pedia. the list of ingredients of the products are listed in their website - http://www.nworldintl.com/

  16. hi! how was the effect of long term use? after a month or two? thank you

  17. Hello. Independent Distributor of Nlighten Products here. You can place your order here https://m.facebook.com/NlightenbyMichRamos/. Thank you,

  18. Ginamit ko PO LAHAT nlighten product..nawala talaga pimple ko. At pumuti ako Lalo.

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  20. It works for me. Hiyang siguro. Very rare breakouts now. Don't overdo it, follow the instructions. Some people do it the wrong way and complain later.

  21. I used the kojic soap and cloud cream but then worse thing happened! I got small like blister pimples on my chin its a lot. The distributor told me to stop the cloud cream and just used the soap. It's been 2 weeks now and it still there. So i don't know what to do pleased anyone can help me?

  22. Hi, of course this paragraph is actually fastidious and I have learned lot of things from it concerning blogging.

  23. Using their products makes my skin tight. I don’t know if it’s good or bad. It seems like when I move my face, there are small wrinkles which I don’t appreciate. I researched about it and It said that it means that your skin is being stripped off it’s natural oils and ruins the pH balance. Does it benefit my skin or not?


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