January 01, 2016

Hurrah for 2015!

I have a lot of thoughts about 2015 so I'm just going to make it easier and list down the happy and sad things about it. By the end of the year, I literally could not feel anything other than primal urges such as eat, sleep and then some.  Also, since I only had 18 freaking blog posts last year, I will pour my whole 2015 here so this is gonna be long.


1. Started my job with Globe last Jan, 2015 and I'm currently waiting for a career advancement this January. Whether it works out or not, I'm ok with anything. Had several job offers outside the company and it was my decision to stick with Globe. Adult decisions and stuff. 

2. Expanded my knowledge and learned a hell lot about digital marketing and how it's revolutionizing the whole marketing industry. I learned from the best mentors in the country.

3.  In turn, I was able to contribute to the growth of Globe's Postpaid brands, particularly AllPhones.

4.  With my own place in Taguig, I was able to live independently.

5.  I was finally able to release, yes, RELEASE myself from a very toxic relationship. Finally. No contact. No looking back. Freedom.

6. And then these:

For the first time in 10 years, I didn't go out of the country and stayed put (I'll explain why later), but I was able to go to these lovely places.

(L-R) There were more, but I'm particularly fond of these ones:
1. Art in The Park- my sister had an exhibit (proud ate here)
2. Urbandub concert
3. Spotify with GXI friends since most of them resigned shortly after this
4. Summit Media Digital Summit
5. ABS CBN Roadshow
6.  Opening of Tatt Awards -Pam and I had fun
7. Steve Aoki- Palace Pool Club
8. iPhone 6s launch
9. Youtube and Google trainings
From long unintentional ombre, to short blonde, to accidental pink/peach, to gray

1. Naj's wedding and my IL girlfriends' bonding
2. Work lunches and dinners
3. Bonding with childhood, HS, college, post grad friends and ex officemates

1. My family from NZ came back last Summer so we were able to enjoy our weeks together
2. Palawan trip with the Morales from NZ
3. Lola's 80th Birthday Celebration at The Palms Country Club. I was ecstatic to have been her MC for the night. I'm such a Lola's girl.
4. My cousin Noel and Jane's wedding at Palazzo Verde (Fernbrook)
 with my cousins and pamangkins
Some special stuff that made me super happy this year
1. Lang Leav's new book, Memories gives me my much needed feels

2. Participated in DRMHWS/Globe's art club exhibit, all thanks to Ehm!

3. I'd spend most of my weekends at home reading manga like Saezeru Tori Wa Habatakanai, Hare Kon, Ten Counts etc.  Relaxes me.

4. My forever loves, my puppies

5. Had a good chat with Bea Zobel about work, love life (yes, we talked about this for 30 mins. like any other grandma, she grilled me about this subject). With her quick wit and hard-hitting questions, she relayed her happiness on some decisions I made, such as coming back home in the Philippines and not getting married in Sydney. She also approved my working for one of their companies and she wanted to introduce me to one of her grandsons, a 29 year old who works for Ayala Corp.  All I can say is that she is an amazing woman with a strong sense justice. I admire her greatly for her kind heart and loving nature. 

6. STAR WARS. Omg, the feels, the nostalgia, the happiness of watching it with my loved ones and continuing an awesome family tradition.

7. ONE PUNCH MAN made gloomy nights sunny. 

8. V or Kim Taehyung. Watching this adorable alien had me laughing for 2 weeks straight. His whimsical and innocent personality was really refreshing, kind of like the feeling you get when you watch cute puppies or kittens. I kid you not. I think he has mild ADHD which makes him a bit eccentric, but then he switches to a sexy, mean and talented youngster, I cannot. 

9.  BTS or Bangtan Boys. I just recently joined their fandom and let me tell you, they're addictive. They're the fastest rising and most popular group this 2015. I first watched their music video DOPE and got hooked instantly like EVERYONE who watched it. (Reaction videos galore on youtube). I've never been a hardcore fan of any group until now. Next,  you have to watch their latest MV aka short artsy film divided into three songs:

10. I've also been listening to Arcade Fire particularly their The Suburbs album (old school, I know), Lana Del Rey, Jhene Aiko, The Civil Wars, Urbandub, Daniela Andrade and Taylor Swift; accompanied by TV shows such as TWD, Haikyuu, Homeland, Master of None, Big Bang Theory and Modern Family. I kind of felt sad because Hannibal and Downton Abbey ended but there you go. It's a year full of goodbyes.

1. WORK- I've said goodbyes more than 20x this year. People came and went. Just as I got comfortable with someone, he/she leaves, especially the brand managers I've grown to adore. More than 10 people I've worked with resigned this year because of different reasons such as stress, frustrations, their bosses and the feeling of irrelevance. My mentor/boss even resigned mid-year. From our team, only 2 of us are left from the original group. I guess re-org does that to companies. We also had to say goodbye to some agencies I've started with this year. 

2. Aside from office send offs, I've had to get rid say goodbye to some people I let in. I realized I do not have the tolerance and patience to date or to be in a relationship with anyone, as of this writing. Maybe because I was crazy busy with work, or my priorities are now vastly different from last year, I don't know. I rejected some and was rejected. I really don't feel anything about it. Just have to be more careful who to let in or trust, not just in my personal life but def in my professional life as well. I forgive, but I don't forget. 

3. Mark and I are no longer in contact. After 8 years, this is the first time we haven't talked or seen each other for 2 months and it will continue. We tried this year and it will just not work anymore. I don't even miss him. How do you call it, irreconcilable differences? So I hope everyone stops asking me about it na. 2016 na, guuuyyss. 

4. I also bid farewell to one of my grandmothers, Lola Tecky. It broke my heart. Her last words to me were "Don't get married yet, enjoy your career!" I am wholeheartedly taking her advise. I love you, Lola Tecky and I'm praying for your soul. 

5. I learned I have a tumor. Cause is unknown but it's curable and I'm able to function normally. Like all tumors, it just popped out of nowhere. Doctors still couldn't explain it. My medicine is expensive and must come from overseas since the local version has the worst side-effects, but I'll be ok.

6. And on that note, I did not travel this year.  Too busy and too focused on my career and health. 

Well, all in all, 2015 was interesting. I had to be pushed over and over until I just did not give anymore f.... I've become even more straightforward, a little bit selfish, anti-social especially on weekends, intolerant to men, incompetence and BS. On the other hand, I've become more appreciative and protective of my family, few close friends and any form of innocence (children, animals, V), hardwork, passion and loyalty.
 I guess, I had to be taken away from my different comfort zones so life could instil, that my happiness should not depend on anything or anyone because really, in the grand scheme of the universe, would any of my worries matter? No. So let's just keep moving forward and as for me, literally live life to the fullest. 


Oh and here are my past Hurrahs. They're a bit different each year as they should be.

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