December 02, 2015

November Favourites: Single Haul

I was so tempted to call this "10 years Haul" or another "Tita Haul" but it seems that most of the items here are splurges single women make, hence the odd title. Name aside, I haven't blogged in a while and the thought of writing an entry came after my hospitalization; relaxing on my bed, I chanced upon my own blog and started backreading. I'm honestly elated I blogged a hell lot back then. It felt like I was reading another person's diary. Everything sounded so differently from where I am now. Well, the biggest distinction from before is that for the first time in a while, I'm actually single, hence these "single girl" goodies:

Some of my fave these weeks/months (L-R):
1. Etude House BB Cream 
2. Celeteque Eye cream
3. Elf contouring and blush cream - because I've noticed I'm losing cheekbones
4. Elf bronzer with highlighter
5. Concealers: MAC concealers for the dark circles because shit I'm so stressed and Maybelline Concealers in 01 for highlighting because I need to brighten up my day using beauty products, so sad.
6. Biore make-up remover- I've only used it a bit and I'm ok with it, it still doesn't remove my pained expression.
7. L'Oreal Revitalift night face cream- because we all need a little lifting at night
8. MAC pressed powder NW25- for contour 
9. MAC Studio Fix  NC30 powder foundation- to fix my dying heart 
10. Tony Moly eyebrow pencil is my only bestfriend
11. Wet n Wild lipstick in In The Flesh - this gorgeous color goes well with my MAC Spice lip pencil to give me that kissable lips, because my lips are so unused
12. Maybelline Baby lip balm - the only baby I call nowadays

Zoom in those used concealers
I kid you not, In The Flesh from Wet n Wild is almost the exact same color of my lips. Now imagine it.
Contour, highlight, repeat.

My morning creams actually work well at night.  Boy, Clarins really improved my skin as it should because it was one hell of an expensive pot, juicecolored. I'm also this close to throwing the Lucas' Papaw from OZ to get rid of any OZ product but it's so good eh so, meh.
Thanks to my ex' family for these last gifts. Too bad I won't see his sisters. They were genuinely sweet.

My blonde hair's bestfriend

Lots of trips to the nail salon

So many rings on me and my friends but no one has ACTUALLY 'PUT A RING ON US'

Mr. bean constantly gives me pleasure

This shit's so good. Buy it.

I love my officemate, Ara and this bacon-style tapa

This adorable note from Pam. She's really sweet!

You can't have too many red lippies: NYX, MAC Marilyn Monroe in Charmed, I'm Sure and Scarlet Ibis, MAC Maleficent, Revlon and Sephora

A dash of pink for love. NO.
Ombre roses on my feet from Vans.

It's 8:17PM and I'm still in the office listening to Paramore. That's it for my Haul. Don't mind my hugot ramblings. Just wanted to have some fun. Call me.

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Listening to: Fences by Paramore
Loving: One Punch Man
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  1. Haha, been a bit extra stressed at work since last week. (Once lang ako nakanood ng isang episode from a series T.T) hence I also bought myself a new concealer... kasi kailangan na talaga. Hahahaha

    Is the Celeteque eye cream good?

    1. Q4 na kasi hahahah... watch One Punch Man, it's a stress reliever.. Also, I guess ok naman yung Celeteque eye cream. Saw improvements :)


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