July 12, 2015

Palawan, May 2015

 So I went to Palawan last May with my aunt, dad and uncles. We stayed in my uncle's house in Puerto Princesa this time. If you've followed my blog for some time, you'd know that I prefer Palawan and Davao as my summer getaways, rather than Boracay. I've been to both places many times and have revelled in their beauty and tranquility. I've been to Boracay as well when I was younger and never really found its appeal.  Again, it's a preference. 
Nostalgia: my uncle's house in Palawan looks exactly like his house in Manila.
 Dalaga sa Barrio 
 Uncle E's beach
 Lovely, warm sea water!

 Bonded with my dad

 The next day, we went to Ugong Rock Adventures: Cave/rock hiking, zip line etc.

 Then off to the Underground River. This is my second time here.
 Entrance to the Underground River

 The water was so warm, clear and amazingly calm. I love it!
 Another day for island hopping!

 With my Tito Mervin
 That night, we went to Iwahig Penal Colony for Firefly watching.
 We went back the next day to visit their famous batis. This room was a burnt store showcasing the inmates' crafts. It was built decades ago. What's left of it evokes an eerie, sepia kind of light. It was beautiful.
 The first time I went to Palawan, I stayed in this huge wooden house. It felt like going back in time.
 The cold batis of Iwahig straight out of legends and fairy tales.

 Up the batis was a warm, deeper pool.

 Boodle fight for lunch. BBQ  with fresh seafoods and vegetables.
What a way to end our adventures.

Places we went to:

-Uncle Efren's house/beach
-Ugong Rock Adventures
-Underground River 
-Iwahig Firefly Watching
-Pandan Island 
-Starfish Island 
-Cowrie Island 
-Iwahig Batis

I know this is a late share, my god it's already rainy season. But still, it's nice to go back to those sunny days.

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