July 05, 2015

June Favourites: The Tita Haul

 Hi! Yes, I'm blogging again (after a month *cough*). Thought I might share some of the things I've loved and am loving for these past months. Why Tita Haul? Because lately, I've been feeling more like a tita with my office-dinners-condo aka single life routine. Sad to say, I'm enjoying this quiet life. Moving on (oo, nagmomove on na ako. char), here is the haul:
1. This gorgeous gold necklace my mother gave me. I love my mom like that. She would just surprise us with little jewelries, make-up and clothes here and there. Thanks, ma! 

2. My girlfriend Krissy knows me so well. The floral pouch and oh this perfect scent for me!

3. Fossil should sponsor Terminator. I love the Steam punk design.

4. These awesome shirt and Aldo shades were gifts from my bestfriend, Gail. Love you! Thank you!

5. Lola randomly gave me this wallet. Still haven't used it though but I really like it.

 6. A bright pink bag, perfume and La Senza silk pyjamas from guess who...my Lola! I know right? She's so channeling Paris Hilton, like, ever. hahaha
 7. Pink La Senza silk pjs.

8. Buy Maybelline products worth 999 and get a free brush kit 😊 also everything is 100 off so gora na. Also, I'm trying out the Baby Skin Pore Eraser for the first time. Hope it's good!

 9. Too many ads on my desk. Loving my Gucci Guilty hand lotion though, smells divine. Then there's my Tumblr tumbler.. haha, Star Wars tumbler, Google notebook and pen and Moleskine diary
 10. Cute Kangaroo stuffed toy from ES from his OZ trip, tamarind from Andre from his Thailand trip and the adorable pastel-colored toothbrushes and toothpaste from our new DM Manager, Tara who previously worked at Colage Palmolive. The Zalora discount thingy is from Globe. Thank you, all! 
11. Brought our lemon water habit from home to the office-condo. We've been doing this for like 10 years now, even before the whole detox craze. I'm not drinking it to lose weight but more to control my acidity. Yes, lemon water is alkaline...look it up. And my fave desk figurine which sums up my childhood, Rei Ayanami from my fave anime of all time, EVA.

 12. I may not have enjoyed it as much, but man, this was pure love.

13. I think this little fella is the reason why I've been getting fat. Been snacking on this every week.

 14. And bonus.. I just want everyone to appreciate the beauty that is Ruby Rose. Finished Orange is the New Black and she just...BASTA.

Ayt, see you on my next blog post, next month? Sarreeh.

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