May 27, 2015

Hurrah for Jan-May!

First quarter-mid 2nd quarter went by so fast. Actually, 2015 flew by too fast for my liking. It's almost June and I'm almost another year older. My year has been a quiet rumble. Winds thrashing me here and there, along with its quick hellos and goodbyes. People passed by callously as if reminding me over and over that attachment is unnecessary. Just like the ever changing trends in the marketing industry, campaigns and deadlines became my breakfast, nourishing my goals but sadly, not my pockets. And just like my bank account, my love life is non existent. I kid. It was an emotional roller coaster--both my wallet and my social life. But I am thankful, and here's why:

1. Work

 Ah, my baptism of fire, all thanks to the launch of Samsung Galaxy S6 with its wonderful team.
 And the people I work with and the friends I've come to adore
 I learned a lot of things from working here. Digital Marketing is the future of marketing and I am blessed to have found this line of job. Really.

2. Ganap
 The Spotify Event with two of the groups I enjoy working with: AdSpark and GXI
 My sister's little exhibit at The Block Party in Ayala Alabang Village and The Gourmand Market

3. Family

Tita Tess Despedida at AAV Country Club
 Swimming with my baby cousins at Tita Leah and Tito Aldrin's house
 I'm glad I'm a bit closer to my family these past few weeks. My family in New Zealand went back here to celebrate my Lola's 80th birthday at The Palms Country Club in Alabang. 
And how can I forget the beautiful islands of Palawan?

4. Friends
 Our very first marriage from my Insular Life girlfriends: Naj, congrats! When we first met you ikaw lang walang bf at walang color ang hair, now, ikaw na ang may asawa pero wala pa ring color ang hair haha:) Also, congrats to Rikki and Shiela!
Cheers to 22 years of friendship, Paolo and Kaytee! I love you both to death! :)
And the girls who keep me sane: She from UPLB, Krissy from Bene, Daye from Insular Life and Nikka from Bene as well. I love you, girls!
And this getaway in Tagaytay

5.Something Special
Urbandub concert c/o Elle, Jed and Jack Daniels. Thank you :)

This cool gig in Saguijo c/o Jewel and her hubby
The Henry Hotel: This memory calms me. A carpet of grass underneath our mat. Our toes slightly touching dried leaves. Blue sky. White clouds. A tanned skin. Can't believe summer's over along with its lover.
I want to mention another person who made my April-May but I'll save it for another post. Aside from these, there were many more places, people and experiences I'd like to share on this post but to be blunt, I can't write them down because they are secret memories. Oo me ganon. 
For now, I'm thankful to have these quiet engagements. 


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