May 02, 2015

1Forever Freedom Soap Review

 My former classmate from UP Diliman, Dean, sent me these lovely soaps formulated in Japan. I was a bit hesitant to try them because I'd given up trying to whiten my skin since I was 12. Living and traveling abroad made me embrace my natural golden (naks) features. If you've seen me in person, you'll notice that my skin color has a subtle hint of yellow undertones, all thanks to my Chinese grandfather. I wanna set the record straight, I only used these not because I wanted to be whiter, but because I was curious and I wanted to review them.

About the company, acc to their FB:
1 Forever Freedom International Inc., is a pure Filipino owned company founded and lead by successful and experienced entrepreneurs in the field of multi-level marketing for more than a decade. They decided to start their own company to help more people in the field of marketing through a “value formation approach” which will make individual success and attain the financial freedom.
 Out of the three I've tried for two weeks, I wanted to focus on the Glutathione & Vitamin C Soap. I will give to you my most honest comments. All the photos had only minor edits such as cropping and blurring the background. My skin was NEVER edited in any form and these pictures were taken under different lightings. NO FILTERS, only natural/fluorescent lighting.

Taken 3 weeks ago inside Bruno's Barbershop in Glorietta. You'll notice that the skin texture of my legs was a bit patchy. My legs are really darker than the rest of my body because I wore shorts throughout college.
LEFT-NATURAL LIGHTING -My skin looks more radiant. Maybe it's the lighting, but my family did notice that my skin is a bit smoother and lighter. I didn't put any lotion or oil.
RIGHT-FLUORESCENT LIGHTING - My legs look lighter but in such a way that it's as if my original color is fading. I noticed this kind of whitening look from people who uses Gluta.

 LEFT ARM: MY SISTER'S ARM. Her color and I were almost the same 2 weeks ago. She didn't use any of the soaps but it appears that my skin has become just a bit smoother.

Item:1Forever Freedom Soaps
Trial Period: 2 Weeks

-Quick results: I kid you not, you will notice the difference with one wash. It's as if the Luminance Gluta soap were "erasing" your color.
-Leaves the skin smooth, radiant and soft.
-Easy to use. Bubbly and soft.
-Didn't irritate my skin or caused any pimples
-Evened out my skin tone. Quite subtly but my family and I noticed the difference.

-I noticed when I went out of the sun for lunch, I got tanned really quickly
-The "whiteness" of the skin is really noticeable after shower but it seems that you go back to your original color after a few hours. Or maybe it's just me. BUT, after using the soaps for two weeks, I did see results.

Will I continue to use them? Definitely! I never believed in whitening soaps, but I bet you that this works. I wouldn't put my blog's integrity at stake if I didn't believe in the product.
Will I purchase them? Yes, I believe this is a good buy.

If you want to purchase, contact Dean David in his FB ACCOUNT


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