March 07, 2015

Studio Neon, Sydney


Location: Waterloo, Sydney

Style: Industrial

Size: Medium

Perfect For: Destination Weddings, Receptions


When international chef Aaron Teece discovered a vacant artist's studio in the inner city suburb of Waterloo, he thought he'd found the perfect space to set up a kitchen where he could continue to experiment and develop his culinary skills. Little did he know that the grungy space with oil paint splattered floors, peeling walls and abandoned junk would become the scene for an underground restaurant movement, photographic studio and entirely cool event space.
But Aaron's friends loved the rawness of the space and persuaded him not to renovate. So instead of clearing out the discarded furniture he decided to add to it and hence the old speakers that had been shifted to the front door for disposal stayed and evolved into a wall of stereophonic history; and the twin dining tables are now surrounded by an eclectic mix of colourful chairs, many of which were found and rescued from the local streets. The oil paint remains on the floor and now also appears as the dramatic backdrop of Studio NEON's homepage, and rightly so, as it symbolises the creativity and fun that is encouraged in Studio NEON.
Studio NEON encapsulates the modern approach to entertaining: minimal rules and maximum enjoyment. At the ticketed "Guestarant" private dinners, guests are encouraged to treat the space as their own and to get to know each other through communal feasting and the sharing of stories. This way of thinking continues in Studio NEON's capacity as an event space: use it however you want in order to have the best time ever, and if you need help with something, just ask.
As a wedding space, Studio NEON is perfect for discerning creatives and foodies who wish to host an intimate reception of up to 50 guests seated or 100 for cocktails in a cool, warehouse setting. We recommend the seated option for the full Studio NEON experience and to sample the wonderful dishes created by Aaron and fellow chef Richard Robinson. Ingredients are sourced from local suppliers and the pair often do the foraging themselves. And due to the chefs' high standards and the scarcity of some of the ingredients they gather, it's not uncommon for guests to realise they have been served slightly different dishes to their neighbours, but that's all part of the fun and a refreshing change from standardised meals or the alternative drop.
Studio NEON has a licensed bar, DJ decks (with plenty of speakers) and enough space for some post-dining grooving, but it's entirely possible that you'll find your guests exploring the paraphernalia or posing on the vintage sofas in the ready made photo studio.

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