January 03, 2015

Hurrah for 2014!

It doesn't feel like I did a lot last year. The year felt empty; it seemed like I've lost my loved ones, and I place much importance on relationships. I feel a hole burnt through 2014. But looking back on my diary, I can safely say I was able to accomplish a bit. These photos remind me of a full year marked with many happy and sad memories, but mostly joyous ones: 

1. Sorta Bucket List: Checked 
Some were unplanned blessings, but some were definitely wishes that came true.
From L-R:
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4. Studied abroad in University of Technology Sydney

2. Sweetest Moments
From L-R:
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2. Spent Valentine's Day in Sydney's The Tea Room at the Queen Victoria Building (QVB)
3. Excelled in uni 
4. Our Debate Team champions! Soooo proud of these kids!

3. Events
From L-R:
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1. Listened to Sydney Symphony Orchestra
2. Watched Coriolanus (the play) starring Tom Hiddleston
3. FBi Social's 3rd Anniversary party
4. Watched DZ Deathrays gig and was thrown into a mosh pit...like a teenager.
6. Celebrated World AIDS Day with The House of Herrera Gala Show

4. Changes
If you've been reading my blog, you'd know I LOOOVE costumes, wigs and cosplay. This year, I really wasn't able to do much cosplay but more on hair coloring. If my hair could talk, oh what profanities would it spew out. Hair coloring is a necessary addiction. Consistency is key and if them roots are showing, an itch to taint develops.
From L-R:
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1. When you have almost platinum hair, what can you do but be Elsa?
2. Annie from Shingeki No Kyojin. Just because Annie is awesome.
3. Back to darker hair
4. Tinker Bell for a Christmas Party with faded dark hair. Blonde hair winning!

5. Travel
From L-R:
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9. Leura
10. Goulburn 
11. Birkenhead Point
12. Blacktown
13. Canberra: National Portrait Gallery 
14. Canberra: National Gallery of Australia
15. Canberra: Parliament House
16. Canberra: Commonwealth Park

Frome L-R:
1. Naga
2. Guinobatan
3. Albay
6. Friends

To my friends in Manila, Sydney, China and Europe! I love you all!
Congratulations to all my friends who are getting married this year:
Maggie, I miss you so much! Congratulations on your engagement!
Naj, see you next week on your wedding!
Mina, thank you so much for asking me to be one of your bridesmaids, it's truly an honour. I'm really sorry I won't be able to take on the role, but know that I love you and am very happy for you. Best wishes, next week! 
Rikki and Shiela,  see you next week on your wedding! Sabay sabay kayo lahat!

I would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate my closest friends on their accomplishments. Since hindi kayo nagbablog, ako na ang magbablog para sainyo. Hehe.

Wanki: My friend since 2006. Antagal na natin. Hahaha! Congratulations on your double promotion this year. Grabe, dati skater boy ka lang, ngayon General Manager na, mage-MBA sa Ateneo at magEu-Europe pa. Ikaw na ang anak ng Diyos, friend. Sobrang natouch ako when you said, I'm part of your success dahil anjan ako ng drama days mo. Alam kong sinabi mo yun ng bagong gising ka at may hangover, pero wala, nasabi mo na, na ilibre mo ako....kasama buong frat at soro. Hehe
Uulitin ko Wanki, nasa ospital o nasa Sydney man ako, hindi ko rin makakalimutan na anjan ka lagi....para magsabi ng problema MO. Pero thank you din at anjan ka rin para sakin. Hahahaha! 
P.S. Congrats din at may GF or whatever ka na. Kumpleto na buhay mo. No more happy alone time, friend. Kaya pala mumemetro na mga damit mo. Love you... as a brother!

Mark: I think I've already said everything. I think you already know how much I love you and how proud I am of you. If you could only understand Filipino that well, edi sana kasing kulay ng message ko kay Wanki message ko sayo. Hahaha! But I'll say it again: Congratulations on your law degree and acceptance in NIDA's prestigious Master's Degree Program! Isa ka pang anak ng Diyos eh. Let's make our dreams come true and build a spa for shih tzus! I love you!

Paolo and Kaytee: Reconnecting with you, my childhood friends, has been one of the best highlights of 2014. Let's keep our 21 years of friendship alive. Grabe, since birth na ata tayo magkakaibigan, itodo na natin to. I love you both to pieces and I'll see you soon!

Gail: Nagp-PhD ka na. You're living my dream. I hope I can catch up. Bilisan ko na Masters ko para sayo. You inspire me to be better, alam mo yan. Being with you inspires me to be strong and to overcome any obstacle. With you by my side, I know I can take on any challenge. Congratulations on your soon to be PhD, Dra. Kayanin mo yan, beh. Work-life balance ang sagot sa pagod. I love you so much. I hope we can bond more this year ha?

To Ron:
I know you're a very busy person.
 Iba talaga kasi ang mga artist, lalo na yung magagaling kumanta at sumayaw.
Thank you for giving me your energy, effort, patience and time even though you have a lot of events. At kahit alam kong marami kang fans, ako pa rin ang lagi mong kausap. Hindi ko talaga makakalimutan noong kinantahan mo ako sa kotse noong pagod ako, with matching pikit and birit pa. Talagang may libreng private concert ako. Hindi ko rin makakalimutan noong sinamahan mo ako sa ospital kahit na may autograph signing event ka sa MOA. Natouch talaga ako nun. Thank you sa lahat, Ronkie. More power to you, sa career and love life mo ngayong 2015.
Hahahaha echos lang. Pakiss nga.

7. Family
Thank you for all the love and support you have given.
My sister is such a jetsetter na. 6 countries in one year? You na! Your solo flight to Europe made us really nervous. Ganito pala feeling nila mama pag lumalakwatsa ako sa labas ng bansa. My ghulay, I was so worried! But I am super, duper proud that you were able to tour around Amesterdam and Paris by yourself. We really have to accept that you're not a baby anymore. hahaha!
Congratulations to my cousins, Joy and Ate Joanne! I wish you all the happiness in the world. I love you both!
Tita Aga, I know you're watching us up there in heaven with Lolo. We love you so much and we miss you everyday.

8. Inspiration
Last year, I seriously contemplated on shutting down my blog. I didn't think I had time for it given all the issues we had to deal with. I'm not sure if anyone knows this, but creating a blog post takes up a lot of time. Sometimes, it can take up to 15-30 mins, if it's really just a picture or a shared music video, but usually, it takes about 4 hours or more to complete a whole post. The whole process of selecting and editing images, writing, vlogging, tutorials and more editing, is quite tedious, especially if the post is sponsored or if we're writing a review. Until now, Mark and I still work together on maintaining this blog. Just when I was about to throw that darn white towel, a sponsorship came up. I also received a lot of encouraging messages privately and on my social media sites. I didn't realize people still cared. 

So I want to take this opportunity to thank each one of you for all the love and support you have given me, Mark and this blog. I wanted to share just a few of the heartwarming messages I've received. I apologize if I can't post everything. I'm posting some messages from my latest post about our break-up. I can't believe how many actually read that and still counting. Hindi ko ineexpect na may magbabasa pa nun, to be honest. Hahahaha! I was overwhelmed by the stats. But mostly, I was overwhelmed by the support. I love you all! 

PS. I removed some of the names of the senders kasi private messages yung iba and request din kasi nila. Yung iba jan, naka-public naman, so kita sa FB yung comments.

This long one is from a dear friend of mine. I haven't seen her in a long time but this letter of hers made me cry last night. She sent this to me last year. Hindi ko lang na post. I love you so much, friend. I hope to see you this new year.


2014 was also a period of self re-discovery. Oo may ganon talaga. I realised who was really important to me and who my real friends were. I enter 2015 with maturity and knowledge of what I really want.  And so I begin 2015 watching The End of Evangelion: Death and Rebirth. Quite fitting. 2014 had much of both. Like Shinji, Rei and Asuka, at the end of 2014 I felt lost, I still do, but it's a bit clearer now.
No promises for 2015, let's just do great things and let's do them right.

Happy New Year to all!


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