December 31, 2014

Goodbye, 2014

I write this with heavy eyes. The year started with a gamble and a promise. I ventured to a foreign land to educate myself and to be with my loved one.

"One last try," we mused. 

In a place where sand and water calmy settled beside a city flattened by a concrete hand, my eyes devoured Bondi blue skies and classic architecture; my senses awakened to the taste of fresh salmon from the supermarket, the smell of good coffee from Africa and the sound of different accents.

I found my place in the academe. I became the student I have always wanted to be, excelling and for the lack of better phrase, having fun while learning.  But things never go your way and these little epiphanies can only sustain you for so long. Even though a scholarship was granted as a reward for my efforts last semester, I would not pursue it. They say if you really want something, you will set your heart on it, work hard for it, fight for it, care for it and treasure it. There were many ways we could have stayed together. There were many visa options. But we chose not to. For the first time in my life, I gave up on something that could have taken me to a better country with flouride infused tap water. Yes, they have flouride in their tap water and we can't even get a proper water system.

Time has changed us. Together with him, in the place where we thought we would spend the rest of our lives, I had never felt more alone. But how could that be? We knew each other so well? With all our similiraties, I am certain that one would think we grew up together. Our tastes may have evolved, but our cores remained intact. We knew what the other was thinking, feeling and doing. We could spot even the most miniscule change in each other's facial expressions, non-verbal cues and even the change of rhythm in each other's voice upon encountering different scenarios and different people.

Somewhere along the way, our paths went off course. A traumatic event for example, such as losing a child, may have a different and worse effect on the mother than the father. People may change faster than needed. That's when I realized, we have become very different people in very different stages of our lives. We were so focused on being together that we had forgotten how to grow together.

I came home with a bitter realization, but with an honest heart. I had to live for myself. We have both known this for a year, but we didn't want to face it. We were physically together with happy memories here and there but generally, we were unhappy with ourselves.

We bade each other farewell and understood that we needed space from the relationship to let each of us grow. We don't want to close doors. I don't want to say anything with finality, because we'll never know what the future lies ahead. All I'm certain of is, I don't think we can be together for a very, very long time. 

It has always been a gamble between us. I came home feeling bankrupt, but I'm rebuilding myself. I see it as an opportunity to be whoever and whatever I want to be and be wherever I want to be. I have never felt freerer and more honest with myself. I can truthfully say, I felt relieved and so much happier now.

I recall my time with him with a smile. He is such an amazing, intelligent and caring person and I will always love him from the bottom of my heart.  We have never stopped loving each other and that's what really matters in the end.

Mark and Millie

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December 24, 2014

Makinarya Festival 2014

Films : Music : Themes : Poetry : Family

Bayang Magiliw Production (Cavite) x Peligro Skate Shop x Makinarya Collective

Open Skate / BMX / Urban Bikes / Booze / Merch / Music.

December 27, 2014 : Saturday 
Gate Opens @ 12 PM 
Venue : V-Central Molino Parking Lot Bacoor Cavite
Free Entrance

Hosted by : Jing "Romy" Diaz

(c) artwork & designed by Nikki Fernandez
See you there!

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December 22, 2014

Hurrah For September-December!

The more things change, the more they stay the same! This last part of 2014 has been an incredible journey of growth, change and consolidation. Life moves on rapidly, but I’m still able to be surrounded by all the people I love. So let’s raise a toast to the last part of 2014.

1.Bondate with Aqua Mineral
Read more about the event here: 
I'm also giving away GIFT VOUCHERS from Aqua Mineral!

2. John Herrera Fashion Show

Partnering fashion with a strong social cause, I was thrilled to attend the House of Herrera Gala Show on World AIDS Day. Read more about it here: THE HOUSE OF HERRERA GALA SHOW.

3. St. James Christmas Bazaar
Enjoyed my time with Krissy and her dad! Shopping and food trip galore!

4. Bicol with Ate Jen and Ace
Finally scratched Bicol off my Bucket List. Thank you so much Ate Jen and your family for accommodating me and Ace. I am still at awe at the beauty of Mt. Mayon.


Finally went back after a year! Always good to be back to my 2nd home.

6. Family's Japan Trip

Even though I was not able to join them, I'm so happy that Dad and Austin were finally able to visit the Land of the Rising Sun. And oh, look at them photos! Gorgeous, no? It was Margie and my mom's second time so they acted as tour guides, they really didn't need me, haha.

7. Mark's Graduation and Master's Degree at NIDA
No words could describe how much I love Mark and how happy I am that he has finally received both his Arts and Law Degree.  I grew up with him and we faced a lot of challenges together. Mark getting accepted in NIDA was the cherry on top of this wonderful year. Mark, you were finally able to achieve some of your dreams. Congratulations, for getting accepted for your MFA in Writing along with (only) 7 others (OMG) out of hundreds of people, in the most prestigious drama institute in Asia-Pacific, NIDA. Even though we have both decided to go our separate ways to give each other a chance to fulfill our dreams, I am glad that we're still on good terms. Thank you for accepting the new people in my life. It only shows that we really weren't just lovers, but best friends. 

8. Lola's Heirloom Ring

Engaged ang peg! Hahaha! I am so in love with my grandmother's vintage heirloom jewellery! Thank you so much for all of these Lola! Grandmothers are the best!

9. Margie's Birthday

10. Tito Dante's Birthday
It's actually fun being an auntie, especially with pamangkins this cute!

10. Two's birthday
Ron and I are becoming veterans of children's parties. Love, love my adorable pamangkin, TWO! 

11. Euphie's Birthday

Good times with Baby Euphie, Mommy Joyce, Ron and my childhood friends, Aaron and Kaytee. Namiss ko kayo!
12. Ron's Birthday
Happy Birthday, Ron! Thank you and your family for a wonderful dinner. It's nice to meet such a warm and loving family like yours :)
13. Naj's Bridal Shower

Craziness with my super pretty girlfriends for Naj's bridal shower/dinner. Nakakalokang kwentuhan.

14. Friends!

Thankful for them:
Joy and Ralen

22 years of friendship? No problem! Paopao and Kaytee!
Rikki and Shiela
Zet and Ace
Yami and Macky
Kuya Christian
Gelyn, Ralen and Naj
Migs and Gerd

15. TV Shows
1. Kill La Kill
2. Tokyo Ghoul
3. Haikyuu
4. Psycho Pass 2
5. EXO Variety Show
6. Boardwalk Empire
7. The Walking Dead
8. Homeland
9. Downton Abbey
10. The Big Bang Theory
11. Modern Family
12. Girls
13. Almost Royal
14. Revenge

16. Movies
1. Rurouni Kenshin
2. Maze Runner
3. Gone Girl
4. Interstellar
5. Mockingjay
6. Battle Royale

Discerning the future is always a mysterious undertaking. I don’t know everything 2015 will bring, but I do know that all of the good times and challenges ahead will be celebrated and worked through with all the wonderful people around me.

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December 14, 2014

Gift Vouchers from Aqua Mineral Philippines!

Hey peeps, 2014 has been pretty mental, but the music hasn’t stopped yet. Partying hard? You bet. That sexy santa suit is getting a workout; daily drinking is back on the table in bottle form and it’s time to recruit the glutes for the dance floor. Sounds like the next three weeks of your life? Yeah, I feels. Exhausting, but fun. And it’s making your health go haywire. Late nights and double shots are doing your skin in, eh.

Thankfully, I’ve got the perfect gift to smooth all that partying out. Aqua Minerals, those awesome magic wizards/scientists who managed to get all the goodies, minerals and tech out of the Dead Sea and bottle it are having a promo! 


1. Copy and print out these vouchers and barcodes or download these images to your mobile phone.
2. Present them to your nearest Aqua Mineral store to get yourself some delicious discounts on Aqua Mineral’s awesome range, before January 31, 2015.
3. Don't forget to tell them that you got these vouchers from milliemorales.blogspot!



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- SM City BF Homes - Ground floor 

- Robinsons Galleria - 2nd floor 
- Robinsons Place Malate - 2nd Floor 
- Newport Mall 


- Trinoma - Ground Floor 
- Gateway - 2nd Floor 
- Eastwood 
- Fairview Terraces - 3rd Floor 
- SM Megamall - 3rd Floor 
- SM North The Block - 3rd Floor 
- SM North Annex - 2nd Floor 
- SM North Main - Ground Floor 

- SM City Pampanga - Ground FLoor 


- SM City Clark - New extension buiilding, Ground Floor 


- Abreeza 
- SM Lanang 
- SM Matina

More about Aqua Mineral

Aqua Mineral from the Dead Sea launches its campaign to revive dull, rough and unflattering skin.
In this day and age when people are too preoccupied by our busy daily schedules, stressed with all the worries of the world and to top all that, exposed to pollution and harmful habits, many of us just forget how important it is to take care and invest in our skin. We devote time and money in so many things but we often take for granted the largest organ in our body that protects us from all the harsh elements of our environment.

Generation after generation people have travelled to one of the best tourist destinations in the world, known for being the lowest point of the earth. The Dead Sea has very high density due to the above average rate of evaporation which causes the lake to generate substantial quantities of minerals and chemicals that in turn make the lake renowned for its extraordinary health benefits and consequently dubbed as the world’s oldest health spa.

CosmetiGroup Int’l Corporation brings to the Philippines the age old mysterious and yet proven benefits of the Dead Sea through a breakthrough line of Dead Sea Products in their brand Aqua Mineral™.

Aqua Mineral combines the age old wisdom and the modern day scientific breakthroughs in research in bringing us a complete beauty care line created to promote the skin’s wellbeing and counteract the effects of aging.

Alongside the natural ingredients such as oils from borage, wheat germ seed, avocado, argan, evening primrose, grape seed, jojoba, rose hip and calendula, chamomile extract, shea butter, green tea essence and aloe vera, are the patented systems such as Renovage™, Resistem™ and Tightenex™.

With these wonderful and brilliant knowledge and research advancement Aqua Mineral brings us a line of skin care products to nurture our skin and enable us to keep fight and challenge the effects of time. For the full list of Aqua Mineral products visit

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So get out there and get yourself and all the pretty boys and girls you know some lovin’, science and magic in a bottle. Stay young, stay fresh and give your skin the loving it needs this season! It is Christmas, so slap this stuff on after a hard night so you’re nice and fresh for Lola’s ‘mano po’ and those hectic family lunches full of relatives you’ve just met and have loved you forever.

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December 09, 2014

The House of Herrera Gala Show

 Candid shot with Meryll Soriano. Photo by Larry T. Herrera
 The designer, John Herrera. Photo by Larry T. Herrera
 Ron's beautiful Tita Mich and her friend. 
 Photo by Larry T. Herrera

Picha Pie!
 It's Christmas!

Partnering fashion with a strong social cause, I was thrilled to attend the House of Herrera Gala Show on World AIDS Day. Raising funds, awareness, prevention and combatting the stigma against AIDS is one of the most important health issues of our generation. House of Herrera embodied all of these in style, featuring hetero, queer and transgender models to showcase awesome designs at 12 Monkeys Music Hall & Pub. Who says that you can’t raise awareness of important issues in style? My special thanks go to Michael Maguigad (Peewee) for inviting us and to Ron’s Tita Mich for the space, delish food and booze! We really enjoyed the fashion show and being part of such an important cause.

Some photos by Larry T. Herrera and are from johnherreracouture.wordpress

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