November 16, 2014

Bondate With Aqua Mineral

 The Dead Sea - My Skin’s Alive Again

Beauty products always promise two things - to make you look better and to improve your long term health. Many can accomplish the first, but few can guarantee the second. Aqua Mineral promises both by sourcing all of its products from the Dead Sea region. 

 Dead? Sea? Hardly. That salt lake in the Med has been hailed as an ancient health treatment center. There’s something magical about that place, where you float, not swim, sunbathe, but not burn. Since King Herod, the reduced UV light, higher pressure and a high mineral content in the water has helped everything from skin regeneration to clearing your lungs. 
 Aqua Mineral takes all that and puts it in a jar to bring those ancient curative minerals all the way to urban Manila. Whilst I love the artistic palette cosmetics offer, true beauty comes from good health. So I was eager to test their beauty and cosmetics lines.

 We’ve seen Aqua Minerals around Ayala Malls and the like. A sample or two here and there was in order. How I finally got to sample their full range of products with a sweet invitation to their Bondate event at Century City’s Gramercy Residences in Makati. Scenic, serene, reflective, Gramercy reflected the cosmetics and the calm waters of the Dead Sea - it was the perfect place for some bubbly and a jaunt through new cosmetic goodies, even when staring out at the buzzed Makati skyline from the 36th floor.
We were introduced to an extensive range of Aqua Mineral products by the company’s president and CEO before sampling some of the goodies ourselves! 
 Bloggers galore
 Testing/sampling Aqua Mineral's products
 Passionate and engaging, every staff member gave a thoroughly informative review of every product. The beauty range was full spectrum - body scrubs with Dead Sea salts, facial mud masks, anti-ageing moisturisers and serums that married ancient minerals with modern technology.
 Eeew make-up gunk from my hand and voila! a softer, smoother skin!
 The standout was the hand scrub and lotion - magic in a jar turning my hands into velvet, even when holding the champagne flutes and delish canapés. When they stated that Aqua Mineral wasn’t just about cosmetics; it was a health product, they weren’t kidding. I’ve seen the results on my hands immediately.

 All in all, it was a fun and informative Sunday. Thank you so much Jean for introducing me to Jonah and thank you, Jonah for the invite! 
 I was generously handed a goodie bag filled with the home nail kit, with all the bells and whistles for professional nail kit. Enjoy the unboxing vid below!

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