October 27, 2014

An Angel

I love you, Tita Aga.
Heaven is the best place for you.
Say hello to Lolo for us.

October 22, 2014

October Favourites: Home Sweet Haul

Oh hiiiiii! So I've been back in the Philippines for a while now. During my sweet time here, my sister decided to move to our guest room which meant a lot of packing, re-packing, throwing out stuff and revisiting nostalgic pieces here and there. I also got the chance to sort out some things, catch up with some friends and meet new people. Old and new things, people, experiences...home sweet home indeed.

Black and Gold: a really pretty hair pin from one of my friends, Gucci perfume, Chanel lippie, MAC powder, Marc Jacobs watch and Guerlain Eyeliner

Whilst cleaning my room, I was able to toy with my perfume collection. Yes, I love perfumes.
 Also had to give away and throw some lippies and settled for this happy lot. 
 My new skin care regimen: L'Oreal eye and lip make-up remover, The Faceshop's Rice Water make-up remover, my usual Neutrogena toner, Garnier night cream and Clarins day cream, Garnier eye cream, hand lotion from New Zealand, L'Occitane body lotion and Lucas' Papaw Ointment for my lips and other dry areas.

 Our family's new obsession from Rustans, Coconut milk ice cream is no Maggie Beer but it's oh so yummeh!
 This almond & mint chocolate bar has a really nice packaging.


 I used to read A LOT from these guys, Shakespeare, Fables, Isabel Allende, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Anne Rice, fanfiction, manga/scanlations, EVERYTHING. Now, I'm having a hard time reading, even manga (que horror!). I. MUST. START. AGAIN.
 My super cool cassette tapes. I was so hardcore.
 And who could forget my super awesome portable CD player? IN PINK. (you just can't see because of the lighting)
My travels around Europe with my grandmother and my adventures with Mark in Asia.
 Harry Potter merchandise when they first came out!!!

 R lent this to me. I already finished it but still didn't want to return it, for some reason. Thank you, though! 
 Krissy asked me to write here and this is just hilarious. Go check this out in Fully Booked.

Our library feels more 'cultured' because of my sister's drawing table. Galing! 
Now a proud policyholder.
Bucket List: Buying my very own insurance/investment today. Instead of using extra cash on trips, plane tickets, it will now go to a wealth builder. Ayos buhay. ‪#‎growthfund‬ ‪#‎stocks‬ ‪#‎insurance‬ ‪#‎onetimepayment‬

So there you have it. Just came home from my trip to Bicol.
In all honesty, I wanted to stop blogging. I tried, but it seems that whenever I try to stop, something or someone literally tells me to continue. So thank you. Thank you to all of you who continue to read my shhtuuff here on the internetz. 

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Loving: Boardwalk Empire
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Midnight Outfit and Make-Up Throwback

Another post in my Drafts. Vintage black dress from Japan, Topman socks, Mark's leather belt, Anna Sui's Forbidden Affair perfume
Red Hot Chili Peppers shirt, Chicabooti tartan shorts, Doc Martens, Marc Jacobs watch, diamond and gold rings and bracelets from my mother and grandmother
Paperdolls top, Zara leggings, Aldo shoes, LV bag, Marc Jacobs watch

Make-Up: My purple obsession 3 weeks ago. Straight brows, neutral eyeshadow, purple lips and purple nails c/o MAC Pink Nouveau. But since "M" is doing the same thing again, I'm skipping purple this year.
Make-Up:  Blue eyeshadow and nude lips c/o MAC Please Me.
On our way to FBi Social's Birthday Party
Make Up: My usual pin-up make-up with MAC's Russian Red. Taken before going to Mardi Gras
Now, some grainy and artsy (chos) throwback photos.
Ah, the time we watched a symphony
I miss my blonde hair and Mark's K-pop hair.

Random outfit and make-up photos
Some random photos of my time in Sydney.
Have to admit, I do miss the looks and the places.

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