September 14, 2014

Hurrah for June, July and August!

June, July and August brought so much joy to my year. From sweet victories, travel opportunities and loving friends and family, I have never been happier this year. Here are some of the reasons:

1. Birthday Celebration at Shangri-La Hotel Sydney
Read more here: BIRTHDAY 2014

2. We are the Champions!
Congratulations to our amazingly talented debate team! I miss you all and I want you to know that we are so proud of you!
3. Boronia Tea Room

Mosman’s grand mansion, Boronia House now operates as Boronia Tea Room.

Boronia Tea Room (formerly Boronia House) is a grand mansion which was built in Mosman in 1885. It has a wonderful aura and is steeped in history nestled in the tranquil surrounds of Reservoir Park - the site of the first major water reservoir on Sydney's north shore.

Situated in the leafy northern suburb of Mosman, just minutes from bustling North Sydney and the Sydney CBD this heritage listed venue is the perfect locale for relaxed elegant entertaining and special occasions of all descriptions.

Boronia House was originally one of two almost identical neighbouring mansion's built in heritage style along Military Road Mosman in 1885 by brothers John and James Kearey.

In 1952 Mosman Council purchased Boronia House and whilst maintaining the heritage character, modified the house for use as a Library until 1978 when a more modern facility was built to accomodate the needs of the local community.

For many years the property then became mixed use with an Art Gallery on the ground floor and office space above.

4. Government House
Read and See more info and pics here: THE GOVERNOR GENERAL'S HOUSE

5. Chinese Garden of Friendship
Read and See more info and pics here: CHINESE GARDEN OF FRIENDSHIP
6. Hyde Park 
A nice afternoon date at Hyde Part and St. Mary's Cathedral.
7. Blue Mountains
Read and See more info and pics here: BLUE MOUNTAINS
8. Canberra
Our trip to Canberra is still a work in progress. I'm sorry I haven't blogged about it! It was our first road trip together where Mark actually drove and we didn't have to tag a driver along, so it was really a bonding experience.
9. Game Of Thrones, The Exhibition
Read and See more info and pics here: GOT, THE EXHIBITION
10. French Festival
Opening night of the Bleu Blanc Rouge French Festival. Vive la France!#bbrfestival

11. FIFA World Cup
Germany VS Brazil. Woke up really early for each match. Also Mats Hummels. Mats Hummels. Repeat.

12. Dates with my awesome Sydney friends
Sheryl, Maggie, Marjory, Anthony and friends: It was lovely meeting all of you and my stay in Sydney wouldn't have been complete without you all. Thank you for all the memories and laughter. I miss you all so much and I hope to see you again, soon.  Porq! Magkikita pa tayo sa Pinas so hindi ka kasali jan hahahah chos! Love you, friend!
13. Laguna Road Trip with Ate Jen and Ace
From Ate Jen's FB: August 16-17,2014. Calamba-LB-Bay-Calauan-Victoria-Pili-Stacruz-Pagsanjan-Magdalena-Liliw-Nagcarlan and back to LB! It was such a fun-filled weekend with Ate Jen and Ace, my former Manager's Course classmates. Love you both to bits! Let's do this again! 

14. Gift from Students
A big big thanks to the School Of Fine Arts for having me as your guest speaker and for this beautiful painting!!! Thank you so much Ate Ella and Sir Christian for having me! You have amazingly talented students!

15. UTS Academic Excellence Scholarship
I am humbled by this honor and I thank UTS for granting me this scholarship. Sadly, I don't think I will accept this. It was my choice and I have a lot of reasons.

16. HR Friends
Hoy ano na? hahahahha thank you Zet, Mar Asia Lim (kumpleto talaga) and Chinie for dropping by and OMG ZET! Our kwentos!!! I miss you all!!
17. Dates With My Loved Ones
So happy to see Gail, my bestest best friend in the world and my LOLA!!!! I LOVE YOU BOTH SO MUCH!!!
UPLB batch '04 and '05. Cheers to 9 years of friendship! Sang our hearts out just like the old times! hehehe Abay naligaw kase sa Alabang! Of course, one of my closest friends right now, KRIS. I LOVE YOU, KRIS!!! I am soooo happy for you and your new found happiness!! You deserve it!!! :D
18. Lily and My Babies!
When I was in Sydney, I would go to pet stores to play with puppies because I missed my little furballs at home. So when I got back, I had to spend A LOT OF TIME with my babies! 

19. These TV Shows
True Blood may have ended but I was so happy for Pam and Eric so yeah. These kept me alive most days. And OMG HANNIBAL is sooooo sexy. What is wrong with me???

I really enjoyed Kuroko No Basket, Free! Eternal Summer and Love Stage!!! Tokyo Ghoul is a must watch though. 
I know I haven't been blogging that much, but I'm really grateful (and a bit surprised) that my views are still consistent and sometimes, surpass my expectations. Thank you so much for all your continued support and for taking interest in my humble blog and all its kaartehan. I will be lying low for a while. Ika nga nila, "ayos buhay"  as my focus and priorities have shifted from love and travel, to career and investments. I will be getting my very own insurance/investment soon and will be applying a lot of the things I learned in Sydney, so yeah, I guess I'm growing up a bit. 

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