August 10, 2014

Mark is on Instagram!

A public service announcement from Mark:

Konnichiwa. I am now on instagram where I will be posting visuals and texts to express my perceptions of reality and society. It will feature art that has moved me, objects that have fascinated me and food that has delighted me. In particular I am attracted to things that are challenging, subversive, sumptuous and beautiful and humbly wish to share them with you all. Expect the pop cultural and classical mash ups, the melding of music, art and poetry, obscure references and personal/referential quotes that have made our generation derided by the old and the darling of the media. Selfies will not feature unless they tell a story or are gratuitously handsome (as judged by Millie). Thus, I humbly ask that you follow me on my journey of cultural commentary and self-reflection. 

Arigatou gozaimasu.


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Listening to: Elephant Woman by Blonde Redhead 
Loving: Black Butler Book Of Circus
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