August 30, 2014

Blue Mountains, Australia

 “Blue was better for you. Blue has wings…Blue was your kindly spirit.” When Ted Hughes likened blue to serenity, it could well have been the teary mist-like blue emitted from the ancient Eucalyptus forests; so thick, so strong and so old that they scatter the ultraviolet particles around them; bending light to make the mountains blue.

  An ancient place, steeped in the legends and history of the native Gundungurra and Darug People, the Blue Mountains is akin in spirit, if not form to the Cordilleras. Like Baguio, it is an obligatory getaway from lavish Sydney, dotted with caves, rain forests and waterfalls for hiking and exploring. 

 We arrived in the middle of winter, the region still fresh from an overnight snowfall and biting winds to explore the National Park. First stop is a descent into the forests and remnant coal mines of the Jamison Valley on the steepest railway in the world.

  We walk through the forests, steeped in darkness under the canopy, ascending to the cliff face once more via cable car. We fly across the gorge above Katoomba Falls in a liquid crystal glass cable car, staring down at the valley, 200m below. From Echo Point, we spy the Three Sisters - rock formations claimed to be the stone incarnations of Meehni, Wimlah and Gunnedoo, three daughters of a witch doctor who cast a spell on them and was unable to turn them back into human form. 

 Known not just for the national park, but for its Christmas in July and Jazz Festival, the Blue Mountains cuts a slice of culture for us to indulge. At dusk, we head into Leura, the most charming of the villages in the Blue Mountain. Whilst Katoomba has the legendary Lilianfel’s and the Carrington, Leura has all the class and the style. The long stretch of Leura Mall hosts vintage clothing and furniture shops, gardens, handmade chocolate boutiques and a smattering of hipster cafés and bistros. Bon Ton, Leura Garage and Le Gobelet are the standouts. Bon Ton, for the pretty garden, the Garage for organic eats and Le Gobelet for René, the lugubrious and short-fused French chef who inexplicably embodies several French clichés and stereotypes. 

Only a few hours by scenic train or an hour and a half by road from Sydney, the Blue Mountains is the most accessible way to see the ancient and natural side of Australia.

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August 19, 2014

Can I convert these views to money?

5 million views! Is this for real? I don't really use my Google + account so I'm not sure about this stat. According to Google, this new number is the sum of all of the views of the user’s profile, posts and photos since October 2012.
 Regardless, I think I should start posting more on Google +.  This is a bit crazy. Can I convert this to money? hahahaha!

For more info, read:

You can check my account: Millie Morales at Google+


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TAHAN (AN) Exhibit

  I'm honoured to be Jose Tanerla's muse in this exhibit at Serendra. Thanks to Alee Garibay for the photos below. 
Photos from Alee Garibay's Facebook. Check her out here.
 It's a bit sad I wasn't able to see this but I'm very happy for Jo and his friends. Please check out Jo here.
"Pag-alala ni Urbana sa Caniyang manga Casalanan"

21" x 34"
oil off canvas

I think this is the most awesome painting anyone has done of me. Feel free to contact this award winning (naks) painter from UP Diliman...and also our childhood friend and neighbor. I cannot thank you enough. 

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August 10, 2014

Mark is on Instagram!

A public service announcement from Mark:

Konnichiwa. I am now on instagram where I will be posting visuals and texts to express my perceptions of reality and society. It will feature art that has moved me, objects that have fascinated me and food that has delighted me. In particular I am attracted to things that are challenging, subversive, sumptuous and beautiful and humbly wish to share them with you all. Expect the pop cultural and classical mash ups, the melding of music, art and poetry, obscure references and personal/referential quotes that have made our generation derided by the old and the darling of the media. Selfies will not feature unless they tell a story or are gratuitously handsome (as judged by Millie). Thus, I humbly ask that you follow me on my journey of cultural commentary and self-reflection. 

Arigatou gozaimasu.


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Book Of Circus

Black, chiffon, lace, tule and ruffles dress from a Korean store/bazaar, F21 tights, Aldo boots, Khaki parka by Jack London

*Spoiler Alert*
Book of Circus is I think the darkest arc of the Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler manga.
It tells the  tales of forsaken  people who were forced to survive by any means, whether it be sacrificing innocent children or stealing limbs from them.
 In Yana Toboso's universe, any plot is usually sick and gruesome.
I was ecstatic when Japan finally released this arc, as both Kuroshitsuji I and II neglected this storyline. I just hope the new series is as dark and unsettling as the manga.

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Garnier Skin Naturals BB Cream Review

 It looks good on camera but I used concealer and setting powder.

Item: Garnier Skin Naturals BB Cream Oil Free For Oily To Combination Skin
Price: around 13 AUD
Color:  Light/Clair (Light-Medium Coverage)

What it has acc to the packaging/website etc: 
Garnier BB Cream Oil Free for oily to combination skin controls shine for an instantly flawless matte finish.
The daily All-In-One solution corrects, protects, unifies, hydrates and mattifies in one application with instant and lasting results.It effectively minimises the appearance of pores and imperfections for a visible improvement in skin texture. Its lightweight and comfortable texture with an optimal coverage blends perfectly into the skin without the heaviness of a foundation.

Available in 2 shades, light and medium.
Dermatologically tested. Non comedogenic.

Proven and perceived effectiveness:
BB Cream Oil Free gives a luminous matte finish for 88.1% of women
Pores are less visible for 84.7% of women
Imperfections (redness, spots, acne marks…) are minimized for 76.3% of women

After 4 weeks**:
Skin is less oily
Pore appearance is minimized
Imperfections are visibly reduced
Skin radiance is improved
*Self-assessment, 62 subjects, evaluation with the product on.
** Clinical Study, 42 subjects, evaluation of bare skin after 4 weeks.

-Easy application
-Moisturized my skin (relatively)
-A little amount goes a long way
-Looks good on camera

-There were only two shades available in Sydney.
-I bought two shades but ended using the lighter one because my skin type is "acidic" meaning that any make-up gets darker on my skin.
-My skin had a bluish cast
-The product did get darker on my skin as the day progressed.
-I felt oily the whole day.
-Had to retouch several times.
-This is not a BB Cream but more like a tinted moisturizer.
-My skin broke out!
-My face felt sticky.
-After sweating, my face felt cakey and clogged.


If you're looking for a nice tinted moisturizer and your skin is not as acidic as mine, then maybe this will work on you. But as for me, I will use this sometimes if I don't need too much coverage or if I just want to look pretty at home hahaha. I will not buy this again. 
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August 03, 2014

Chinese Garden Of Friendship

An oasis on the edge of Chinatown in the middle of Sydney, the Chinese Garden of Friendship serenely transports you to the Ming Dynasty era. Think Curse of the Golden Flower, only more trees and less blood. In typical Chinese style, the garden looks entirely natural, with bamboo forests, lakes, waterfalls to be discovered and a small mountain to climb. Pagodas are lost amongst the exotic trees and koi bubble along in the water. At dusk, when the crowds and wedding entourages have left, it felt like we were lost in our own private world.
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