July 06, 2014

Game Of Thrones, The Exhibition

Fans who were desperate for a Game of Thrones fix after the dramatic season four final
looked forward to a new exhibition in Sydney this July.
To celebrate the launch of Game of Thrones season four on Google Play, HBO and Google Play
brought Game of Thrones: The Exhibition to the Museum of Contemporary Art.
The exhibition was specifically created to bring the enchanted world of the show
and its characters to life.
It included interactive installations and a collection of nearly 100 original artefacts taken
from the show up to and including the most recent season.

We went there on the first day but we weren't ready for the 4 hour wait so we opted to wake up early
and go the next day. Boy, we were so wrong.
The line was longer and it took us 7 fucking hours to get into the exhibit.
Mark and I were very unhappy but it was a good bonding experience for both of us.
We also looked at the bright side. Listened and talked to a lot of funny people...it was like one big picnic.
We arrived around 11...got in around 6. 

There were costumes, props, armour and weapons, an Iron Throne and an interactive experience that took visitors to The Wall at the northern frontier of the Seven Kingdoms.
This was THE BEST part of the exhibit though. Watch the youtube clip at the bottom to know more about this simulator. It really felt like you were going up The Wall! Cold wind and all! I had to hold on to the railings!

These costumes are my favorite part. Lovely details!

In the end, it was all worth it. Since Mark and I are such HUGE fans, I didn't want to miss this. Hey, it might be the only chance we have. So far, we've seen Star Wars, Harry Potter and now, GoT The Exhibition... waiting for a Mad Men one.

WHAT: Game of Thrones: The Exhibition
WHERE: Museum of Contemporary Art
WHEN: July 1-5
COST: Free
DETAILS: GOTExhibit.com

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