June 30, 2014

What's Inside My Bag and Make-Up Kit

An update of what's inside my LV bag. I travel light nowadays. 
L-R: Make-up Kit, D&G sunglasses, iPod, LeSportsac Case for iPod, iPhone, gum, Tory Burch wallet, Anna Sui, stomach meds
Make-up pouch from Japan, 
Maybelline Color Show black eyeliner,
 Design My Eyebrow from Faceshop, 
Nyx Wonder Pencil, Alcohol, 
MAC powder, 
MAC Chatterbox,
 MAC Vegas Volt, 
MAC Maleficent True Love's Kiss, 
MAC Rebel, 
Benefit big beautiful eyes contour kit,
MAC concealer,
Guerlain Liquid eyeliner

I think it's important to have different shades of lipstick, at least two light shades and two dark shades for every occasion. I also bring a bottle of water and a banana most of the time, in case I get hungry. I didn't use to carry an eyeshadow palette before but sometimes, I need to darken my make-up at night if I have a date. That's it for now! What's in your bag?

I think the contents have evolved or not really from last year. Check them out!


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