June 08, 2014

Hurrah for May 2014!

 Let me just say, May was so much better than April. 
It was really pleasant even though it went by so fast. 

1. Mother's Day at the Boathouse on Blackwattle Bay 
Had a great Mother's Day lunch with Mark's mother, Tita Milette, at the Boathouse on Blackwattle Bay. Good food, good conversation, positive vibes.
I'm so glad that we were able to treat tita, she's been very good to us. She always cook delicious meals for us, worries about us, buys our food and medicine. She's so maalaga! We're really grateful to have her!

2. Fiesta in Blacktown 
So so happy to have visited the "Pinoy" part of Sydney. Almost an hour away from the city, Blacktown boasts the best Filipino restaurant down under. Complete with all the delicacies of the Philippines such as Crispy Pata, BBQ, Pinakbet, Adobo...lahat na! My ghulay! I was such a happy Pinay! 

I can't believe I still managed to eat Halo Halo last May in Sydney in the middle of Autumn. Never missed a Halo Halo during Philippine summers.

3. Meeting with Tita Tess and Family 

I missed, missed my family from New Zealand! Thank you so much for meeting with us, Tita Tess and family!!! I was so glad to see you!

4. Winning Debate Team 

To our beloved debate team and to the smartest kids I know, Mark, Anthony, Joe and I are extremely proud of you for winning almost all your debates. Good luck on the grand finals this week! It's my birthday so I know you'll win it! 

5. Birkenhead Point with Friends  

Thank you so much Marjory for inviting me to a whole day of shopping and laughter! Pinoy nurses are the best!

Had a great talk with my friend She. We've been friends since like 2005? Antagal na!
I was overwhelmed with joy when we met here in Sydney. I felt so comfortable around her that I opened up a lot of things. Gosh. I wish we could do this again! I miss you na!

6. New Hair 

I was meant to have dark brown hair, but it seems like my hair gets lighter and lighter after every wash. Ayaw talagang kumapit ng kulay sa blonde hair!

7. Vivid Sydney 2014 

A festival of light, music and ideas.
A romantic date by the water. Memorable night with Mark.
For more pictures, check out my post about it: Vivid Sydney

8. DZ Deathrays Concert 

All I can say is that it was cray cray. We were right in front of the stage, people started pushing, the next thing we knew, we were in a mosh pit with 100 something bags of hormones. And we loved it!

9. These: 

I know it was kinda late but I just watched Her and it was beautiful and sad.
Can't describe how I felt during and after the movie. You just HAVE TO watch it!
I also got addicted to Revenge because my boss kept telling me to watch it and I was hooked. And I think the funniest and surprisingly, most disturbing  film we watched last May was The Grand Budapest Hotel. Yes, the ending disturbed me but it was fantastic.

10. And This:
 I feel slightly accomplished all thanks to my wonderful team! 
It's been a while since I received a certificate for something. Had to put it here. Haha!

All's good this May. Better things to come this June!

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