June 05, 2014

Ghibli Museum, Japan 2013

Our Valentine's Date in Ghibli Museum last February, 2013 ♥ 
I first learned about the Ghibli Museum after watching Spirited Away. I don't know who bought the original dvd but I am thankful that someone in my family did. The dvd contained special features and it included an introduction of the Ghibli Museum. For days, I watched it over and over, eyeing the short documentary about the wonders of the museum, with so much longing.

You could just imagine my excitement when Mark told me that he booked us tickets to see Hayao Miyazaki's special project. The museum only lets a small number of people inside and you had to book months to get in. We were so blessed that we got the date we wanted. Unfortunately, we couldn't take pictures inside the museum, hence all the awkward stolen shots.

Miyazaki did not fail. Like children, we devoured each piece of art, each installation and each piece of the studio's history. There was one particular piece called The Laputa Robot and The Birds (not really sure what it's called) that made us tear up. I thought I was the only one that was moved so much by the imagery, but then I saw Mark with his sad eyebrows and teary eyes. That for me was the highlight of the whole trip in the museum. We held hands and quietly stared at the robot, reaching for the skies amidst white birds soaring to the heavens. It was magical. You can find a video of it on Youtube but it will not justify the beauty of the real thing.

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