June 22, 2014

Birthday 2014

Had my first exam for two hours.
Went back home to change.
Watched the grand finals of our team's debate competition and we won!
Had a lovely dinner at Altitude in Shangri-la Sydney
 Mark took and edited some of these photos. He really did a great job!
"Susmaryousep. Ang sinampay!"
 Men with big feet.

 My 60s inspired ensemble thanks to Mad Men
Mango dress I bought 2-3 years ago?, Zara tights, Bluejuice trench coat, Aldo shoes, Marc Jacobs watch, LV bag
 Same view, different cameras.

 Yesterday, we hit rock bottom. Today, we were on the 36th floor. We're Astronauts. If you get the Mad Men reference, good for you.

 Lovely gifts from Mark. Gorgeous gold earrings lent by Mark's mother to complete the look whilst pretty roses were from Mark's sister, Mishi. Mark also helped me fix my hair. 
Mark's 2nd gift!!! a Japanese card that sings happy birthday and MAC Vegas Volt because coral lippies are big on Mad Men and I'm into the whole 50s 60s look! My lover knows me so well.
Sweetest win of the day! Congrats, team! 
It was all good. Birthday lesson? Be careful when it comes to big decisions.
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Listening to: Lionhearted by Porter Robinson ft. Urban Cone
Loving: Odango hair
Watching: Hannibal S01E01

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