May 06, 2014

Skull Candy

Hello there! So I decided to change my hair again. Hahaha!
I've been extremely busy and didn't have time to do much, not even go to the mall or update my roots so the best thing I could do was to dye it brown, and so far, I LOVE IT! 

My whole April was basically spent researching and studying so it was really great to have a proper "mall date" with Mark last Sunday. This bliss will not last long as I have exams coming, so yeah, I'm enjoying this while it lasts.
About the post, well, Mark and I absolutely ADORE skull designs. Almost ALL of our clothing has either flowers or some sort of skull pattern. 
Chicabooti embroidered skull knit sweater, Supre skirt, Zara leggings, creepers from Singapore, Sportsgirl vintage hair tie, Louis Vuitton Monogram bag
But being the superstitious girl that I am, I have recently tried to avoid skull patterns in my stuff...still, the love is there.
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