May 10, 2014

Hurrah For March 2014!

Hello everyone!
I just came home from a lovely dinner with my aunt, uncle and their friends from NZ.
This will be a quick post since I'm down with the flu. Sucks, I know.
March has been especially good to me. Every month this year has been nothing but bliss. 
A lot of things got scratched off my Bucket List (hurrah indeed!!!) Let's begin...

1. The Iron Throne

GoT is the king of television and HBO invaded with the official Iron Throne to remind everyone two weeks before Season 4 aired. Khal Drogo, Joffrey, Cersei and a White Walker were also on hand for a photo op. But, where are my dragons???

2. Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras 2014

A celebration of free love, acceptance and glamour. What's not to like? The Sydney Mardi Gras welcomes everyone to a street party that brought the biggest smile to my face. Especially as Sydney's lesbian community is smokin' hot.

3. Family

I'm enjoying studying overseas, but I miss my family, particularly when one of my closest relatives has fallen ill.

4. Friends

I am loving being back in Uni! Business School emphasises team work, so I've met an amazing array of quirky and super fun friends! Hello there, Wilson, Sheryl, Maggie and Joe!

5. New Phone
Finally got a new phone and oh! we watched Beethoven's Fifth at the Opera House.

6. Beethoven's Fifth

7. Coriolanus
Er no, it's not yaoi fellow fujoshis. Do not let the title fool you. But it did have some epic BL with Tom Hiddleston! Kiyaaa! For all you other literature buffs, Coriolanus is one of my boyfriend's favourite Shakespeare tragedies for its political overtones, violence and complex revenge. This one screened live from the National Theatre's Donmar Warehouse stage in London. Oh Sydney, even your cinema screens are so cultured!

8. Fbi Social 3rd Birthday
FBi, the legendary independent radio station hosts its Social's 3rd Birthday in the heart of the Cross. We spied some ratchets outside and some salty rigs on the inside, but the best bit was excellent independent rock. It reminds me of our gigs back home!

9. Japanese hair curlers
This is heaven-sent! Tutorial Here: Wavy Hair and Smokey Eyes Tutorial

10. This Manga

11. Joe Tanerla's Painting
21" x 34"
oil OFF canvas
by Jose Ma Tanierla.

I think this is the most awesome painting anyone has done of me. Feel free to contact this award winning (naks) painter from UP Diliman...and also our childhood friend and neighbor. I cannot thank you enough. 

12. Many Firsts
First ID, bank account and health card. Yey!

13. First High Distinction

Sorry but I just have to celebrate my first HD or 1.0 in Phils on my very first essay... My 1st essay luck continued as all of my papers received HDs after this. Making my momma proud!
This is actually a backlog. I know, I know. 
It's been nothing but bliss so far.
Hope this continues.

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