May 18, 2014

For Her Love of Moon

Everything started with Sailor Moon. 
My love for anime, passion for Japan, my art... you could say my personality is a product of this series. I was so obsessed with Sailor Moon that when Magic Knight Rayearth came, I was so protective of Naoko Takeuchi's creation, I resisted Rayearth and literally hated it for copying my beloved anime. Haha! I would dream about Usagi transforming in front of Mamoru, Princess Serenity, Chibi Moon, Pegasus and debated whether Uranus and Neptune were more than just friends (ehermYURIeherm). I drew Usagi a hundred times until I perfected her hair, eyes, dress and accessories. Needless to say, I wished of having my very own Mamoru in the future...and I think I did. 

After listening to The Moon Song and watching the movie Her, I was inspired to look back and reflect on my inner romantic and where it all began. And this is where it took me, a compilation of songs about the Moon, each signifying a phase in my life. Let's go back to the start.

The Moon Song by Karen O
The Killing Moon by Nouvelle Vague
Floating On The Moon by Michelle Shaprow
Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven
To The Moon and Back by Savage Garden
Fly Me To The Moon by Claire (Evangelion Ending)
Blue Moon by Frank Sinatra
Moon River by Andy Williams
A Moonlight Serenade by Platina Jazz (Sailor Moon English Opening)
Aside from the playlist, let me share with you some Sailor Moon Artworks I've collected. 
I am a huge fan of collecting art from the official artbooks of my fave anime.
I used to have diskettes (Yes diskettes), CDs and USB sticks filled with scanlated mangas and anime art because it was so hard to get them in Japan, and I was like what? 8-16?. I even bought most of the Sailor Moon soundtrack in cassettes and CDs from Comic Alley and have memorised almost all of the songs. Adik lang no?
These are recent ones though.
Princess Serenity is just gorgeous!

Define KILIG.

Dreaming of the Moon.
The moon has recently been huge and golden.

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Listening to: The Moon Song by Karen O
Loving: Sailor Moon
Watching: REVENGE (pucha di ako makagawa ng essay!!!)

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