April 16, 2014

Shibuya, Japan Feb 2013

All my young adult life, I've always, always wanted to go to that one place where according to Gwen Stefani, " a place where the catwalk has claws." I'm sooooo in love with Japanese fashion!!! ♥

 Bucketlist: VISIT HACHIKO!!

 The famous Shibuya Crossing. Another tick in my Bucket List.

 Purikura with my love. Nana ang peg.

 Hello, Sunshine! 


We went to Shibuya last February 2013.
It seems like most people in Tokyo hang around here. 
I so love this place.
So many cool people, restaurants, shops, hotels EVERYTHING.
This feels like the heart of Tokyo.
Going back to Shibuya soon!  

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Listening to: Connect by Ayumi Hamasaki
Loving: My boyfriend, Marrrkkk!!
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  1. Hi Millie, we're planning to go to Japan this year. What hotel can you recommend? Yung cheap lang sana pero maganda pa din. :-)


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