April 12, 2014

March Favorites: Books, Beauty and Food Haul

Hey there! I'm sorry if I haven't blogged in a while. I'm really busy with uni. 
Fortunately, I have a 2-week sem break so I guess I can blog, but maybe just a bit since I will use that time to do more assessments, case studies/group work. So here are some of the stuff I accumulated last Feb and March. 
That moment when you found a super rare book/graphic novel or in my case, a manga, that's so amazing and that's on your TOP 10 BEST SHIT LIST and you thought you could only get it in Japan or God knows where because they've stopped printing it... THEN YOU FOUND IT in your fave bookstore with only 4 copies left.

The obsession with Japanese anime and manga was so infectious, Mark's actually going to write an academic essay linking Doujinshis (mangas) to Copyright Law for his assessment in uni. 

There is a child in each of us. And if you know this manga I'm holding, you'll know mine is a very twisted toddler.
Left:  I finally bought a phone in Sydney. Yey! Could you imagine I spent a month without a phone here? Hahaha!
Right: Mark and I watched a play called Coriolanus starring Tom Hiddleston aka Loki from Thor. He was sooooo good but I think I fell asleep on the last parts because I finished an essay the night before. 

 Left: We watched Beethoven's 5th Symphony at the Opera House
Right: Mark was so sweet to buy me this hot pink folder for my handouts. He knew exactly what I wanted. He said that he specifically looked for that color.
 Watermelon flavoured gum that keeps me awake during classes and my comfort food at Maisy's
 My favorite Molten Chocolate cake from Maisy's
 Free GOT tshirt we got from Foxtel
 This pretty kimono I got for $15!!! Would you believe it?
 I got this skirt for $10!!! So pretty!!!

 The Honey shade (right) I got for free from doing a survey for L Oreal. Hahaha!
 These two vintage style ribbon bands or something. I'm obsessed with them.
 BEST FIND OF THE MONTH: Japanese hair curlers. I swear to God they work like magic. I just leave them for 30 mins, no hair product, no heat, nada and they give me beautiful princess curls. The best thing about this is that the curls last for like 2 days even if you sleep on them! I will post a video of this!
Courtesy of the Japanese hair curlers.
 my new notebooks and pens from my current fave store: TYPO!
 cool stuff from Typo

 The notebooks that didn't make the cut.

 Targaryen ang peg. And oh, Havs for sale. That black thing beside it were used Havs. Someone just left it there and bought a new one. Your argument is invalid.
 Sherlock manga. I died. hahahaha and oh, I need this soap.

Hope you liked my haul!

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