March 05, 2014

Wolves And Cute Treats

A video taken last Jan 2013.
This post is dedicated to my adorable babies I miss immensely. 
I left my heart in the warm paws and the elegant trotting tails of my dogs.
Funny, I still can't bear to call them "dogs" as it sounds all too "old" or mature for them. 
As you can tell, I STILL see them as puppies. 
But they're not just puppies, they're family.
You cannot understand this beautiful bond between animals and humans until
you have shared a life with these creatures. It's complex, it's rewarding, it's fulfilling. And I'll show you why:

 Our proud pack back in 2013. From L-R: Iggy (mother), Mello (father), Lily (daughter) and Winter (daughter). There were two more pups, Cloud who was given to a friend and Rocco, who sadly, passed away a few days shy from his first month.
 This is Winter with our good friend Eunice. Our baby is now very much loved, (and spoilt) by the Maximo family. We are so happy that she's being treated like a princess there.
 This doggie bed is dear to us. This is the bed where all of Mello and Iggy's pups  slept when they were just a few weeks old.
Cloud loves to sleep on the floor and would often climb out of the bed.
 Here is a picture of our current pack at home: Mello, Iggy and Lily
 This was taken during the pups' birthday: December 13, 2012.
Lily celebrated it with a cake which the dogs NEVER tasted. 
Chocolate is poisonous for the dogs so we finished it for them. Hehe
Here's our pack last Christmas. Yes, we spend a lot on our dogs because there are no babies or children
in the house. 
And here is my roomie back in the Philippines.
Isn't she ADORABLE?
So soft and fluffy!!!  
Lily is the most adorable baby in the world.
I miss and love her. Le sigh.

They're unique, they have amazing personalities and they bring happiness to our lives. I cannot explain further how important they are to us.
So there, I hope you enjoyed all the cuteness in this post. 
I honestly want to go home during the weekends just to see them.
Oh well, priorities.
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