March 30, 2014

Odaiba, Japan Photo Diary Feb 2013

Odaiba - Man-made defense island turned date central, Odaiba has the full spectrum of kitsch that one expects from Tokyo. 
Someone commented if this were an ad or something. Mark looking really swell here.
Oh Japan. You and your clocks.
Reminds me of the Golden Gate Bridge

Not quite America...

Statue of liberty replica? Check. Fake beach with non-stick sand? Check. Game-show obstacle course? Check.

But life-sized Gundam??? Well, no we had to go, didn’t we? Gundam Statute - A full 1:1, 18m high Gundam will leave you speechless. It’s the real deal, with all the details, bells and whistles the anime version had. Why aren’t we making these in real life?!

To cap off our last day in Tokyo and our last agenda on Valentine's Day, we decided to try the popular onsen-Oedo Onsen Monogatari in Odaiba. 

Oedo Onsen Monogatari - Edo-era style Onsen, completely reminiscent of Spirited Away. This place gets the mix of tradition, comfort and kitsch just perfect. 

Open 22 hours a day, with indoor and outdoor hot springs, massage therapy, sushi, beer, a sleep-central personal TV lounge, free beauty products and the ability to choose your robe. Just perfect. And best of all, it’s frequented mostly by locals.

We travel to places that hold special meaning to our hearts. Seeing this massive Gundam is an homage to my 13-15 year old self who loved mecha. We decided to visit Oedeo Onsen Monogatari out of all the onsens in Japan because it reminded us of Spirited Away, a movie made by a very special director, Hayao Miyazaki who is dear to our childhood.

We would like to believe that travelling to places dear to us makes the experience richer. We didn't go there because there was a piso-fare (although it is def an added plus). We didn't go there just to say "we've travelled."
Hope we could do these type of journeys in the future.

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March 23, 2014

My Make-Up Routine (10 Minutes)

Hello there! Please read first!
This is my short-10 minute make up routine which I did last Sunday, March 23 haha. I usually do this if I just need to run errands, on lazy weekends when I go out or if I really don't have time or can't be bothered to put on make-up.

My other 20-minute make-up routine can be found:

I have dry skin with a warm undertone. I'm also very acidic so the make-up tends to oxidize/fade quickly so I sometimes I put a lot of product on my eyeslids and face.

Products I used:

Mac Concealer NW 25 
MAC Studio Fix Pressed Powder in NC42
The Faceshop Lovelyme:ex eyebrow pencil
The Faceshop Design My Eyebrow
Nichido Eyeliner
MAC Scarlet Ibis from the Marilyn Monroe Collection

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The Day I Sat On The Iron Throne

I cannot believe I was able to scratch this off my bucketlist!!!
 A Stark!!! Bran, is that you??
"I will take what's mine with fire and blood"

 The line. We were lucky it wasn't THAT long.

My Daenerys Make-up. Hahaha! I know, it's basically like a "No-Make up" Make-up. Gets?
We also got 2 GOT T-shirts FOR FREE!!!
 My little collection:

It has always been my dream to sit on THE Iron Throne.
We learned about this even the night before so I was a bit miffed that I was not able to prepare any costume. 
I also left a lot of clothes and make-up back in the Philippines so thank God:
1. the grey dress with snakeskin design worked, 
2. I still had my blonde hair!
Yes. As huge Game of Thrones fans, you wouldn't believe how happy we were to be able to take pictures on the throne. 
I cannot wait for the newest season.
Now, let's try to meet George and the whole gang, shall we?

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