February 16, 2014

Joy and Resty's Wonderful Wedding

My cousin, Mary Joy or as we call her "Joylet," got married last February 2. She was engaged for 2 years, so we might say that this wedding was 2 years in the making, and it showed. The preparation down to the tiniest details of personalized honey jars, mango wines and home-made chocolates, to the flow of the program, delicious food (God we were stuffed!) and romantic live music exemplified how the couple poured their hearts and hard work on each aspect of this beautiful wedding.
Joy specifically asked that everyone should wear pastel colored dresses.
 Noel, Joy's older brother and Tita Lolet, my mother's sister and Joy's mother.
 The blooming bride.

 My dad was the commentator, mum was a ninang, Margie was a sponsor and I was a reader. Yes, the whole family was busy.

Changed clothes because I was a bit uncomfortable with the pink dress. 
 Mango Farm.

 Lovely garden reception.

This part was so much fun!

The very happy couple. Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Sunglao. We wish you all the love, happiness and blessings in this world. 
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  1. If you don't mind me asking.. is Mango Farm near Christ the King church?
    Oh btw, this is Anne, you're super duper near Eastwood Libis and sa house ko, lol! :-)
    Hope all is well! Take care! ;-)


    1. Hello Anne! Nice to talk to you again! :) I believe it is. heheheh Everything is well naman, i hope you're doing great and staying fab! Take care din! :)


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