February 23, 2014

In Full Bloom

Water. I need to be near water. 
My sister's coral cardigan, Sugaritta dress, Payless shoes, Casio watch, Zara eyeglasses

Just another lazy day by the beach. Warm sun, cool breeze.
Our favorite place: Balmoral Beach
Took these pictures back in October.
We walk and jog around Balmoral a lot since it's 5 mins away from Mark's house.

Our kind of boat.

My semester officially starts tomorrow and I have no books, no notebooks, NADA. Although Mark said people don't use notebooks anymore. (WHUUT?) Hahaha! A bit excited and a little bit eager despite a terrible timetable and lack of organization. All my classes are from 6-9PM and one at 12-3PM, M-T-TH only, so yeah. Thankfully, Mark starts his classes next week so he can teach me how to take the bus/train and his Uni is like a good 20 minute walk away from mine. It's all well down here.

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Listening to: Special by Andrew Ashong
Loving: beaches
Watching: Close The Last Door

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