February 23, 2014

In Full Bloom

Water. I need to be near water. 
My sister's coral cardigan, Sugaritta dress, Payless shoes, Casio watch, Zara eyeglasses

Just another lazy day by the beach. Warm sun, cool breeze.
Our favorite place: Balmoral Beach
Took these pictures back in October.
We walk and jog around Balmoral a lot since it's 5 mins away from Mark's house.

Our kind of boat.

My semester officially starts tomorrow and I have no books, no notebooks, NADA. Although Mark said people don't use notebooks anymore. (WHUUT?) Hahaha! A bit excited and a little bit eager despite a terrible timetable and lack of organization. All my classes are from 6-9PM and one at 12-3PM, M-T-TH only, so yeah. Thankfully, Mark starts his classes next week so he can teach me how to take the bus/train and his Uni is like a good 20 minute walk away from mine. It's all well down here.

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February 22, 2014

Akihabara,Ginza, Marunouchi Japan Feb 2013

Akihabara: Divine geek chic-otaku heaven, gadgets, geeks, games and definitely no glamour, but plenty of room for hentai. We came for the quintessential Maid Café, Mailish. Designed by men, for men, sip your six-dollar soda and let the girls look after you. Electric Town indeed.

Apparently CDs are still in...or not? 
Look closely to find tons of maid, lolita and all sorts of costumes. A haven for people like me who love to dress up.
Maid cafe anyone? 

Anime and electronics: otaku world for you
We tried a recommended/famous maid cafe.
Yeah, they are as cute as the pictures. Too bad we can't take photos of the maids themselves. 
It was an interesting experience. Since we went as a couple, they were really formal with us, but when a solo guy came in, boy, they really went all over him and flirted like anything. I guess they were just being polite since Mark went with me. The food is ok. It was just really a regular cafe with cute girls flirting with you and serving you.
Bright lights; big city. Bring your wallet because Tokyo goes uptown with Armani Dolci, Mikimoto, Becasse and LV. The quintessential Tokyo shopping thoroughfare: one look and you'll wonder what all the fuss about their economy is about.
My God, people in Japan shop like CRAZY. I kid you not. And it's not like they went gaga over Zara or Topshop Sales, they were shopping at high end places like LV, Prada, Chanel etc. 
My mother's favorite pearls: Mikimoto. And yes, I had to fight my way against a TON of girls buying pretty expensive chocolates for their boys. They were even selling chocolates in Armani. Medyo nahiya ako so I HAD to buy Mark one without him noticing. Haha!

Had a little make-over at MAC. They were so nice!
 One of Mark's fave brands. From underwear, to perfume, to suits and ties, shirts, you name it. 

Tokyo Station: Clad in lovely Red Brick, Teutonic glamour, Tokyo Station is a grand old building - and a vexed labyrinth with a life of its own. Where old Japan meets new, it’s an enduring symbol of Japan’s modernisation, as emblematic as the Shinkansen.

Marunouchi: Literally, the ‘inner circle,’ a near-dystopian shatter of black glass buildings, cut against the night sky. Banks, Keiretsu, law firms unite around the Imperial Palace’s former moat. Watch the league of extraordinary salarymen rush in at day, for the place dies a quiet death at night. With wide avenues, sharply cut buildings and lit up trees, it’s 1950s corporate culture meets Euro vibe wrapped in a Comme des Garçons angular cut suit.

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February 16, 2014

Sydney Valentine's Day

We've spent Valentine's Day in UPLB (Feb Fair), Thailand, Vivere Sky Lounge, Antonio's and Sonya's Garden in Tagaytay, Coron-Palawan, Tokyo-Japan and now, finally, in Sydney.
 What I wrote last Feb 14 on Facebook:
"I had a really lovely time with Mark today. This morning, Mark made me laugh so hard by giving me a beautiful red rose. . . whilst shirtless, abs shining, arms flexing, muscle-guy pose and all. hahaha!"
After that, we went to The Tea Room at Queen Victoria Building (QVB) and had a great time re-enacting scenes from Downton Abbey/Black Butler whilst eating scones, sandwiches, sweets and drinking champagne, rose/black cherry tea. 

Our valentine's day high tea at The Queen Victoria Tea Room-constructed in the late 19th century, this is the closest place Mark could get to a Japanese Butler cafe we missed when we spent Vday in japan last year. My boyfriend knows me soo well. A mix of Downton Abbey and Black Butler.

My handsome date!

 Everything was so filling, we were NOT able to finish all of them.

  Then we went to see Yoko Ono's "War Is Over!" Exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia. It was an interactive exhibit which spoke about peace and love. It really moved me. We played chess with one of her works: an all white chess set, wrote love letters, watched her videos etc. 
"Play it by Trust - Yoko Ono "

Millie: 2 wins, Mark: 1 win, Yoko: 0
According to Mesch, "Fluxus always cultivated the qualities of play, which [George] Maciunas understood as being connected to the mass-culture phenomena of amusement and entertainment within art." Fluxus games such as Chess on a Backgammon table were, of course, unplayable, but this did not make the works failures. They were artistic expressions and succeeded in making players and observers think about the nature of rules. To play Chess on a Backgammon table is to play neither Chess nor Backgammon, for the rules must be modified in a hybrid of the two games. Fluxus games were not gags; they were commentaries on the rules of making, buying, selling, and canonizing art. Through entertainment and "lack of seriousness," they were able to grab the public's attention, with the hope that Fluxus works "might bring the public to the realization of social and political injustice."

Yoko Ono's Play it by Trust consisted of a series of installations based on the concept of an all white Chess set. The installations vary in form. In East Hampton, New York, at Longhouse, Ono installed a 16.5 foot square marble and concrete Chess set. There have been a number of small white table and chair sets produced, and an iteration of ten all white sets laid out at a conference table. Ono's Chess modifications represent prime examples of a game—specifically a war game—adapted and utilized as a call for peace. In Play it by Trust, players ultimately lose track of their pieces as their forces move forward. The pieces become lost as "enemies" meet, and, unable to differentiate sides by color, players either must remember where their pieces are, remember the direction their pieces face, or realize that they are all the same. The experience of becoming lost ultimately shows that both sides are equal, forcing players either to follow the standard rules for Chess or to create a new way to play. Here a game that traditionally represents a war is used to show that there are alternatives to fighting, and that when people recognize their similarities, they can find new ways to play, work together, and coexist in peace.

 Our bodies are just containers. We are all water.

 This made me teary eyed. I miss my mother.
 This is one of the best ones. A maze made of glass and mirrors.
 Helmets. This was haunting.
 Peace stamps. You can stamp the word "Peace" with different languages on these huge walls covered with maps.
For dinner, we went to one of our fave Japanese places, Sushi Train. I missed this restau so much! We spent a lot of happy dinners there back in Oct.

We then watched a movie, went home, read plays, manga, reviewed Mark's Japanese lessons, had a good long conversation in the kitchen whilst eating smoked trout, bread and drinking, yes, more tea.

This is the type of day and date we've always wanted to do. As we've been in a long distance relationship for the longest time (and without any anniversary/monthsary date), a day like this becomes really special. He knew I needed/wanted to spend more time and create more experiences with him rather than chocolates, gifts, cards or flowers (which I wouldn't mind in the future teehee). 

I'm glad I was able to spend Valentine's Day with him. I'm really thankful and happy. Thank you, Mark! 

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