January 05, 2014

Sakura Nagashi by Utada Hikaru

Sakura Nagashi 
Cherry Blossoms Afloat

Album / Collection: Rebuild of Evangelion
Description: Rebuild 3.0 ending
Sung by: Utada Hikaru
Composition: Utada Hikaru, Paul Carter
Lyrics: Utada Hikaru

Original / Romaji Lyrics
English Translation

hiraita bakari no hana ga chiru no wo
"kotoshi mo hayai ne" to
zannen sou ni miteita anata wa
totemo kirei datta
When you said, "They're early this year too,"
looking with disappointment
at the flowers scattering after they had just opened,
you were so beautiful.

moshi ima no watashi wo mireta nara
dou omou deshou
anata nashi de ikiteru watashi wo

If you were to look at me now,
what would you think
about me, living without you?

Everybody finds love
In the end

Everybody finds love
In the end

anata ga mamotta machi no dokoka de kyou mo hibiku
sukoyaka na ubugoe wo kiketa nara
kitto yorokobu deshou
watashi-tachi no tsuzuki no ashioto

If you heard the healthy sound of of a baby's first cry
sounding again today from somewhere within the town you protected,
I'm sure you would be happy
about the footsteps following after us.

Everybody finds love
In the end

Everybody finds love
In the end

mou nido to aenai nante shinjirarenai
mada nanimo tsutaetenai
mada nanimo tsutaetenai

I can't believe we'll never meet again.
I haven't told you anything yet.
I haven't told you anything yet.

hiraita bakari no hana ga chiru no wo
miteita kodachi no yarusenaki ka na

Looking upon the flowers scattering after they just opened,
I wonder, is this the cheerlessness of this grove?

donna ni kowaku tatte me wo sorasanai yo
subete no owari no ai ga aru nara

No matter how frightening it is, I won't look away
if there is love at the end of everything.

* The other translation of the title (Cherry Blossoms For The Departed) is based on a ceremony called 'shouryou nagashi,' which is the sending off of lanterns for the spirits of the deceased. There are several other things 'nagashi' could mean, but given the theme of loss in the lyrics, I thought this is also a good fit.

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