January 29, 2014

My Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho: Vintage Fashionista Feature

This is my short feature in Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho last January 26, 2014.
Nine hours of filming for the Vintage Fashionista segment. Changed outfits almost 20x, 8 fashion looks from 40s-80s, hair, make-up, accessories, from Alabang, GMA Main building to UP Diliman with my kaartehan like posing, putting on make-up and OMG dancing on the sidewalks. All for like 3 minutes lang ata yung parts ko. HAHAHA! IT WAS WORTH IT.  I was able to know more about the life/work of the people behind the camera: researchers, cameramen and especially Segment Producers. MY GOD, ang hirap na masarap! Grabe, kudos to all of them! 
Anyway, I sort of knew how it was gonna happen since I was interviewed by Mel & Joey last 2011 for their segment "Trip Na Nakakabadtrip." I already knew what to expect when it came to filming and how hectic it was gonna be, the schedule changes, the repeated takes and whatnot. What was new to me were the stories of the crew and the process involved in creating a segment. I'll try to include them in these behind the scenes:
I was interviewed by Ms. Socelle inside my room. 
Every Monday or so, the staff would brainstorm about the stories that would be featured in KMJS for the coming Sunday. Yes, they do all the stories a week before; kind of exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time.
 The Researcher would then try to find contacts, verify their stories and arrange an interview with prospective "Case Studies" like me. They are given 2 days max to arrange everything. Ms Kat, a KMJS Researcher, had apparently been trying to contact me almost the whole day of Jan 23, Thursday. She was finally able to talk to me through my sister with the help of my blog posts. Ms. Kat pre-interviewed me that night over the phone so they could formulate the script before taping. After schedules were arranged, I was handed over to a Segment Producer named Socelle. A Segment Producer's job is to formulate stories along with the Researchers, create the script, interview/shoot the "Case Study" and basically direct everything. She gets to travel everywhere, meet a lot of interesting people and basically live my dream job minus a love life. HAHA! As you can see, it's a very demanding job. I admire Celle for being passionate and for doing all these things. 
Took out some of my vintage clothes from my grandmother in preparation for the shoot. Some pictures from my and Mark's trips abroad and vintage-themed cards Mark bought me over the years.
  The shoot started around 9AM. I had to change hairstyles from 40s-80s on the spot whilst trying hard not to move. There were 3 people in the room, Celle, the Segment Producer, a Cameraman and an Assistant Cameraman
After the interview, we headed outside to shoot some additional footage for the introduction.
 They mostly filmed tiny details such as my hair, make-up, clothes and accessories.
Afterwards, it was all about finding the right location with an "old world feel." I also had to do different dances from different eras during taping.
We went to GMA's main building where Celle was kind enough to show me around. During our trip, she recounted her experiences as a Segment Producer, their schedule and the process involved in creating a show for Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho. They had to create 4-6 segments in a span of 6 days. It was fun, exciting, exhausting but rewarding.
This is Socelle and another cameraman.
GMA main lobby
Yes, I was still in my 60s Mod inspired outfit because I needed to do more takes in UP Diliman.

70s Hippie outfit. We went around UP Diliman to find the perfect spots. I danced, changed outfit, danced, changed locations, changed outfits, hair, accessories etc. Yes, all in all, I must've changed 20x in my house and inside the GMA van.
Afterwards, Socelle mentioned that she needed to tape more material so we went back home. Mark watched the taping on Skype and took screenshots. I had to remove all my make-up and put it all back again.
We finished around 6:30PM.
Some clips from the show. Yes, I look 10lbs heavier on camera. hahaha!
Around early morning, Socelle rang to ask for more pictures of me that were vintage-inspired. After finishing filming all that's needed for the feature, the SG will now work with the editor and with Ms. Jessica Soho for the voice over. I bet Celle was exhausted because I was. My gosh, it was already Sunday and they were still editing. Talk about perseverance and endurance! Haha!By Sunday afternoon, the whole show's ready for airing. 
Aaahh, everything wouldn't have been possible if it were not for my Lola. This remarkable woman who has lived her life bravely yet gracefully. An intelligent, strong and beautiful soul. Thank you for your lovely vintage clothes. Thank you for inspiring me to always look my best and to always dress well. Thank you for everything and for all the love and support you have given me. You are a gift that keeps on giving. My little feature was for you, Lola. I hope I made you proud. 

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