January 02, 2014

Hurrah For 2013!

Preparing for the new year: cleaning my room, closet, shoes, art tools, make-up brushes, external drive/memory card/usb, laptop, gadgets, changing curtains, sheets etc. Throwing away accumulated garbage such as receipts, unwanted pictures, empty make-up/skin care/perfume bottles, fake friends, super unwanted people etc. Most importantly, I'm cleaning out all the negative vibes from 2013. Bwiset ang 2013. Ayoko na siyang balikan except for the Japan bit last Feb, pero all in all, sobrang hirap ng 2013 and I'm very happy it's OVER. It's not gonna be "new year, new me" kasi gitna palang ng 2013, parusa na and by the end of this year, I can honestly say, I am stronger. Di ko na antayin 2014 para magbago kasi napilitan akong magbago this year in one of the most heartbreaking ways. 

But when I look at this list, as I do with my other lists every month or year, I feel blessed. I guess I was so caught up with all the bad things that had happened that I've forgotten to appreciate what I had. So here is another list (image heavy mind you) to show my appreciation:

1. Cherished Moments
1. Mark's Austin Rolan feature. A product of our joint efforts: Tita Ian, Brent, Austin, Eunice, Patrick, Margie and Mark.
2. Was able to provide good homes for my puppies Winter and Cloud
3. My little muffins
4. Surviving a life changing ordeal
5. Made a lot of crazy memories that I would laugh about and not tell my grandchildren
6. Ate Sally's eldest, my godchild, Mae-Anne's graduation
7. My mum meeting Mark's mum
8. Meeting Mark's family
9. Was inspired by Renaissance and Goya's art
10. Red Cross Muntinlupa Volunteer Work-
11. Conducted a lecture in Lyceum
12. New products, increased in sales
On no. 10-Typhoon Haiyan wrought unspeakable horrors and thankfully brought out our bayanihan spirit in the recovery effort. It was my greatest wish to volunteer. I am untrained in medicine and relief work, so I did what many young people did and volunteered with the amazing people at Red Cross to pack all the supplies for the Leyte region. Seeing so many young people help was inspiring.

2. Travel--✈
The spirit of sojourns was alive in 2013. A long awaited and much enjoyed visit to Japan, a run in with monkey-theives in Bali, tambay in Davao, a serendipitously soothing visit to Cebu, Tagaytay wekeends, Canyon Cove and LB catch ups, as well as a very well-timed month in Sydney made 2013 a busy year.
*Pink Dots-Places in my Bucket List. Places I've been dying to go to ever since I was a child.
3. Inspire

People who inspire me: Epsilon Chi Fraternity, Chi Epsilon Sorority, Kris' make-over and my student, Egan
4. Cheers!
To my brothers from another mother and my girlfriends and my besties and my friends in Sydney; I have been blessed to have enjoyed your company many a time throughout 2013. It’s so energising to hang out with all of my friends over coffee, drinks, dinners and chika.

5. Beloved
 2013 has been difficult year, with many a trial and crisis. However, such incidents only confirm the power and importance of family. Spending time with my parents, my sister and my extended family through weddings, events and even simple dinners reminded me that I always have a loving and supportive family to have my back. Thank you 2013, for strongly reminding me of that.

6. Partner
7. Changes
Makeover 2013 seemed to have a lot of these. There was the ombre, then the strawberry blonde, then the chocolate brown with blonde highlights, then the bangs, and then then blonde. Probably, in that order. Looking back, it seemed I had a different hairstyle every financial quarter and emotional rollercoaster. One thing's for sure, I get tougher each time my hair's lighter. 

8. Love Drug
Sometimes, it's all I need.

9. Bedtime Stories
Sometimes, we need to watch amazing stories to forget reality until 3AM when your eyes can't possibly open on their own and your brain has finally given up thinking. Thankfully, there has been no short supply of high quality viewing, particularly from Japan. Shingeki no Kyojin, Code Geass, No.6, K, Kuroshitsuji, Vassalord, Junjou Romantica and Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi drew knew limits to anime’s ability to craft worlds, express ideas and create nothing short of true art. And there was ample boys love or at the very least, boys love doujinshi - kyaaaa!!! I found myself LOL-ing at night. So that was months worth of laughs. Good for the heart. And of course, Game of Thrones’s infamous Season 3, the end of Brody on Homeland, Downton Abbey, Breaking Bad, Big Bang Theory, Modern Family, Boardwalk Empire were fun.

Photo by Joe Tanerla
I wanted to write this as detailed as possible so that whenever I look back at my 2013, I would be reminded to appreciate the hard times in life.
As Albert Einstein said, "You cannot solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it. You must learn to see the world anew."
That's why I keep on changing. That's why I keep on moving... forward, regardless of time or year.


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