January 06, 2014

Elsa Cosplay From Frozen

Frozen is not a quintessential Disney film. In many ways it is subversive, deconstructing the tired themes of love at first sight, gender behavioural expectations and actions that constitute love. In presenting love, Frozen sends the message that an act of love need not be a first kiss and that not all kinds of love are romantic. In fact, the platonic and familial species of love is often more potent.
My sister urged me to watch the film as it was a tale about two sisters; a scenario familiar to me. I found that sweet. As the eldest of two, Elsa would be the most appropriate choice. I decided to cosplay Elsa that very day because I was going to act in a short film for Ateneans. 
The Messy after hair of the shoot. hahaha
Whilst prepping to leave for the shoot, I had the make-up and blonde hair.  As this cosplay was impromptu, it didn’t require an inordinate amount of work. I pulled my hair back using several pins, braided one side, requisitioned my ice-cube hair tie from People are People and decided to wear a blue tube dress from 2009. I took pictures using my laptop's camera in my bedroom. The lighting streamed into my room naturally, creating that shimmery glow. However, I blurred the background and added a snowflake and icy dress for modesty.
I enjoyed the more realistic and positive messages Disney propagated, particularly through the character Elsa.
I just did it for fun. Hope you enjoyed it too.
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