January 02, 2014

December Favorites: Girly and Artsy Haul

Coral Mickey Mouse Skull shirt from Artwork, Topshop dress, Coach bag, Casio watch, Primadonna Cheetah creepers 
Taken by my sister. Bakit ampayat ko sa iPhone niya? hahaha! My new fave shirt is too loose, it looks like I don't have boobs! 
1. Anna Sui Make-up Kit 
2. A new set of Acrylics - My sister and I will be creating paintings for the house. I'm so excited to go back to painting!
3. Lily's new super girly hot pink leash - Gosh, ang cute lang ng leash. Sorry.. Ganda kasi nung color haha! 
4. Anna Sui coin purse from Ralen! - Sobrang sweet ni Ralen! Hahah Inarbor ko lang to actually. Hehehe alam naman niyang mahilig ako sa Anna Sui! Thank you, beb! 
5. The Body Shop Japanese Cherry Blossom Shower Gel - I gave away these for Christmas. May natirang isa, so akin nalang! hahaha!
6. Victoria's Secret Perfume - New scent. Mabango naman daw sabi nila. 
7. Casio Vintage Retro Gold Digital Watch - I've always wanted this! So pretty!
8. Letts Of London Planner - Sorry na, ang ganda kasi niyaaaa..the texture and the weight HGNNNNGGNNNN.. sarap pang amuyin nung papel (ANO RAW?)
 I hope my friends liked my Body Shop gifts :)
Gonna use and abuse you :)
Beauty essentials for my hair and lips. Since I'm sporting a blonde hair now, I have to use these shampoo, conditioner, MAC Chatterbox lipstick etc.

Just some of the things I loved this December...
Waaah New year naaa!!
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