January 18, 2014

40s Midnight Dollbaby

The 1940s: The world at war, in the heaves of transition. A world that viewed itself, where film and its stars secured hegemony over style, just as America secured its hegemony over everyone else. In combatant states, women worked, like they never have before. 
It was glamour amidst spartan rationing; femininity in the (munitions) factory. Long tresses teased and pin-curled into waves and the eponymous victory roll.
Hair was parted and structured, yet soft and flowing. Like WWII, the hair and fashion of the 40s has inked a permanent mark upon the world as we conceive of it today. Though over 70 years ago, it is still the pre-cursor to the fixation upon celebrity-driven styles, careerism and glamour of the contemporary. After all, we still paint our lips deep red.
Wheels & Dollbaby lace dress from Mark's sister Carissa. This is sooo pretty and comfy. Thank you!
One of my favorite brands from Sydney which includes Dita Von Teese and Katy Perry as some of its muses.
Modern take on 40s fashion.
As you can see, I'm a vintage 'gal' through and through. 
Enjoying the blonde hair while it's still there.
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