January 15, 2014

11 Types of Hot Guys

I did this post around 12AM. I just realized I had a collection of really hot guys in a folder in my desktop for drawing/art references (yeah right) so I thought I'd share some of MY PERSONAL PREFERENCES when it came to men. Don't hate, don't judge. I just did this out of fun. Also, it doesn't mean that these are the only men I would date, all I'm saying is that I would prefer to date them. Makes sense? No? Nevermind. Just enjoyyy!!! 

1. The Tall Guy
-I love tall guys. I love their long legs and long arms. I'm petite and wear heels a lot so it's important that he's still taller than me when I wear my 3-6 inch pumps and I can just bury my head on his chest as he envelopes me with those long, huge arms. Hnnngggg.

One of my ultimate crushes of all time, ALEXANDER FUCKING SKARSGARD. My heart. Sorry.
6'3" FTW.  Shortest I can go is 5'9" soreeee naaaaa.

2. The Sexy, Dark Semi-Kal
-I don't know why but I find dark, slender/toned semi-kalbo guys really hot. I find them very sexy. Parang ang swabe lang.
 Pharell Williams, the sexiest african-american guy I know. I don't know why, but I find him very hot.

3. The One With Glasses
-He may be the most intelligent guy in class or in the office, the walking encyclopedia, the awkward or silent observer; whatever he may be, as long as we can talk about anything under the sun and as long as I can learn new things from him, I'll find him attractive with or without glasses. (BUT it's a big plus if he does have one!)

4. The Funny Guy
-The one you anticipate to crack the wittiest lines from careful observations or self deprecation. He's that one guy who does not fail to brighten everyone's mood without being overtly farcical. Ahh, I always fall for funny guys.
Robert Downy Jr as Iron Man and Sherlock. Oh the hilarity.
Joseph Gordon-Levitt as himself. hahaha!

5. The Artist
He could be the talented actor, the rockstar or the painter. Whatever he does, pure talent inspires awe and heart shaped eyes from ladies like me who appreciates passion and dedication for his craft. Talented people are so sexeeh.
Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock or as anyone. Raw talent there.
Hyde of L' Arc~en~ciel's voice changed J-rock history. His voice is just sex.
Julian Casablancas of The Strokes. Gosh. Only he could look like he hasn't taken a shower for a week and still look smeeexxxyy.

6. The Bad-ass BOSS
Oh my, where do I start? Well, I'm very attracted to leaders and bosses, not necessarily the alpha male of the group, but the organized, cool, collected, intelligent leaders who can beat me at Chess; leaders who can make decisions CALMLY even during the most stressful times. I think a part of me wants to BE THEM or serve them rather than date them. Haha!
 Mr. Wolf from Pulp Fiction. One of the best characters from one of the best movies of all time.

I haven't met anyone that fits the description so I'm putting Levi from Shingeki No Kyojin and Schneizel of Code Geass here. If you watch the anime, you'll understand. Definitely.

 Any hardworking boss in a dark suit, black suit, grey suit screams power, hot hot hot.

7. The Bad Boy
-He may be rough around the edges, misunderstood, slightly addicted to substance or volatile; it's all good as long as he has a good heart, respects women, is a hopeless romantic, determined and he actually protects the weak. TL;DR: Misunderstood bad boy who's actually a softie. I know. It's so wrong but I really get the appeal. Not the best boyfriend material but great for any zombie apocalypse. 
Jesse Pinkman. Bitch.
I want the D. Hahahaha!
8. The Chinito
-I don't like ALL chinitos. I have a specific type that I like. They must either look like Lee Min Ho or Kim Bum with their smiling, adorable eyes. It's really hard to find chinitos that could fit the description. I don't know how to describe them, basta, look at these two nalang. Hahaha!
Sorry, I'm sick. Can't get out of bed. *cough cough*
Yes, I will do anything you want. I will follow you anywhere. OK.

9. The Butler
-One of my dreams is to have my own butler. Not the old type but the young, super capable, elegant, intelligent, loyal, submissive type like Sebastian: the epitome of the perfect butler with a voice that would make your knees quiver. 
"Hai, Ojo-sama" shet.
Former Footman, now Under-butler, Thomas Barrow from Downton Abbey. He may be batting for the same team, but he's gorgeous.
Elegant. Shucks *faints*
10. The Athlete
-I don't necessarily want to date an athlete/sportsman because I know it's like (almost/sometimes) entering a three-way relationship with the team, BUT I do appreciate sportsmen. Abs. That's it. Don't want to date them, just want to look at them.
Let's pretend they're swimmers or surfers. Next, let's pretend they don't have shorts. JOOOOWWWK.
Fujoshi-bait galore.
11. Mr. Darcy
-THAT ACCENT. THAT BRITISH ACCENT. Mr. Darcy is an intelligent, tall, fine, handsome, wealthy and reserved gentleman, who often appears haughty or proud to strangers. Mr. Darcy has a strong moral fibre and a natural and somewhat embarrassed kindness. Can I say just my type???

"...most ardently." 
Not exactly Mr. Darcy but  Jude Law and Hugh Grant have played really charming Brits in several films.
I soooo love Hugh Grant in Two Weeks Notice. Perfectly adorable.

Ok, gosh. I hope you all enjoyed that. I was squirming while making this post. These are some common stereotypes I just wanted to play with. Some guys might have 2-5 traits like Mark, if ever I'm going to box him with my stereotypes, he would be numbers, 1, 3, 5, 8 and 11. How about you? Which number/s do you like? Hahaha. Parang ang sagwa.

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