December 15, 2013

Paper Dolls

Today is my vintage dress, wardrobe feature. Vintage clothing in unusual cuts, colors and beautiful materials has always been my passion. Recently, I was lucky to find so many exquisite new pieces. Whilst I've been busy finding everyone's presents for Christmas, my hunt for the right present yielded some exciting finds for myself too!
First up, we have the light turquoise Lolita dress in chiffon, with gorgeous ruffling, embroidery and a cute bow. The color, fabric and design reference the Harajuku take on Victorian styling, whilst the cut provides a more contemporary hemline. It's equal parts Alice in Wonderland and Hime-Gal. A perfect match for my rekindled love of Kuroshitsuji and Code Geass. Just say: "Yesu, mai rorudo!" I found this gem from Dorotee Sweetlips-(the owner is Margie's friend)-a lolita shop that used to dress Alodia for TV shows. They also provided the adorable Anna Sui floral purse. (If you've been a reader of this blog, you'll know I'm a big Anna Sui fan. I'm very much thrilled to have the purse as my make-up kit)

I can't resist florals, however. Particularly, these sleeveless blue, pink and black dresses that are perfect for everyday jaunts!
These three dresses are of varied providence. The light-blue polk-a-dot is a vintage piece bought in Sydney for me by Mark's mum. It was a lovely pasalubong that she brought along for me when she came to Manila. It's a doll-like summery dress with intricate touches. Thank you, Tita! The one in the middle is from my grandmother; a blue silk dress form the 1960s. I took up the hem to give it a more modern edge. Finally, we have this Mad Men, 1960s pattern dress with an A-line cut. It's mod all the way.
I found the green dress on sale in Sydney (for an amazing price, too!); whilst I picked up the other two in a bazaar. They fit me like a glove, whilst their patterns brighten up my day! The first two dresses are not vintage at all but the black and white number is. I found it in a bazaar in Sydney but it had a longer hem line.
I found this adorable patterned skirt at the mall while the custom vintage skirt is from my grandmother, as well as the white shirt. I don't usually favour white, however, the design and the cut were so entrancing, that I made an exception.
We have a wave of bespoke, silk pieces, circa 1960s in mint condition from my grandmother (thanks Lola!); as well as some gorgeous 60s inspired pieces I found myself. My favourite is a luxurious silk chinoiserie jacket that now serves as my daring cover up for formal dinners and power jacket with leggings and sneakers for streetwear. I also adore my light beige floral cover up from my mother from the 80s and shimmery, see-through black number from my lola.

Finally, another influence of Black Butler/Code Geass and the Victorian/Lolita/Princess-ey fashion: black, chiffon, lace, tule and ruffles. Mark loves me in these. Out of all the style I usually wear (50s, Boheme, rock/edgy)  he loves me in fancy, dressy, (almost) period-like pieces. Think a milder version of gothic lolita and european private school girl/doll, so when I saw these dresses, I HAD to get them. I'm glad that he also shares my love for gothic lolita and period pieces. We jive like that. And oh, I got them from a bazaar in the mall.

Well, that's everything for now! New dresses for a new year. Through vintage and refreshed takes on aesthetics from earlier periods, I move forward, but with respect for the past.

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  1. Whew, I love the turquoise dress! And everything! :) Lovely finds. I want to have one lolita dress too hihi.
    -Ate Cel

    1. Hello Ate Cel! heheheh thank you po!! Sa bazaar lang po yung mga lolita dresses ko hehehe :D

  2. Really..gaganda kasi. :)


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