December 07, 2013

My Letts of London 2014 Planner

 Every year, I always get excited for my "Annual Planner Hunt." I would spend my days browsing through the web and the mall for that perfect planner or sometimes, if I really like the Starbucks planners, I just get that. I know not anyone can understand this obsession /OC-ness but I'm such a "diary/planner/organizer person." I write EVERYTHING on my planner: thoughts, schedules, flight details, personal information, my doctors' sched, new stuff/music/movies I've learned, listened and watched, my period sched (yes, my period sched for and health reason yeah hahaha) and doodles. Basically, my planner is an extension of my mind; it's as if I'm welcoming a new friend who would share the year with me, so it's crucial that she's PERFECT. 
My criteria for selecting the perfect planner:

-It has to be the size of a notebook.
-It shouldn't be too thick.
-Design is extremely important. Color, texture, everything should reflect my personality.
- It should not be too bulky or too heavy.
-Price isn't an issue because I see a planner as a good investment.
-There should always, always be plenty of space to write on.
-I want the standard lines. I can't write on a blank page lest I spend more time drawing than writing.
-It should be simple and as much as possible, no coupons, gimmicks whatsoever like the Belle De Jour planners.
-The inside should be clean and simple.
I was supposed to get a Moleskine planner this year but I just can't make myself to like the plainness of the design. I just can't. Mark then suggested that we buy in Kinokuniya since I bought 3 of my planners there before. Mark went to Kinokuniya in Sydney, took out his camera and shopped with me on Skype. He knew exactly what I wanted. He knew exactly what planners to show me. He knows me all too well and I love him for that. Now, let's talk about Letts of London. 
We’ll never be Royals, yet royalty and traditional notions of aristocracy continue to fascinate us. The inequity, power politics and socio-historical elements as well as the ornamental and aesthetic relics of the ‘ruling classes’ draw me in equal measures. This post, however, is dedicated firmly to the latter.

With the end of Downton Abbey’s fourth season, my Kuroshitsuji binge (manga, anime and musical) and my serendipitous discovery of Code Geass, pomp and grandeur has become an aesthetic of influence upon my everyday items. 

This is no more evident then my new, scarlet leather Letts Organizer for 2014. Covered in deep red leather, embossed with floral designs and leather detailing on the strap, my new Organizer is quintessentially Baroque. Scarlet, the color of seduction, passion and power, reminiscent of lipstick, red-wax seals, wine and even blood, provides a feminine form. 

Letts, established in 1796 in London, firmly founds my Organizer’s heritage in the Georgian era and provides a historical pedigree and background in stationery and leatherwork that few other makers can claim. 

The paper has more weight than Moleskine - less bleed through from ink. The pages are replete with useful factoids and information tidbits from international public holidays, to measurement converters for fashion and shoe sizes, to religious holidays. A handy elascticed envelope at the back holds any loose-leaf essentials and each page has a perforated corner for easy bookmarking.
Mark found this gem within the cavernous shelves of one of my favourite bookstores, Kinokuniya, a repository of all things Japanese, manga, travels, cooking, fashion, gadgety and hipster. (They also usually carry hard-to-find plays, gorgeous Japanese arts and crafts, Japanese fashion magazines and limited edition books). In a sense, just like Kuroshitsuji or Code Geass; the discovery of my new Organizer was the appropriation of English aristocratic themes within a Japanese pop culture context. 

The Planners that didn't make the cut:
I feel terrible not being able get these. I've been eyeing the Peter Pauper diaries for years, hoping that they would make bigger, standard notebook-sized Planners with more writing space. Their designs are exquisitely made, cover, paper, quality and all.  
 I adore these sooo much.
 These didn't make the cut because of the limited writing space.
 These ones were super kawaii but they were too small for my liking.
I like the cat silhouettes one but again, like everything, I prefer to have more space to write on.
Ok, this was longer than I predicted. Anyway, let’s tip our hats and bow and curtsy to Letts of London and Kinokuniya for providing me with such an exquisite Organizer for 2014. I'm sure I'll be making lots of happy memories with it.

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