December 15, 2013

Moving Forward With Kris

This is my good friend Kris. We have been friends since high school, one of the very few I've kept. Our friendship blossomed because of our mutual love for anime and yaoi. I don't think I have ever met anyone who has "outwatched" me on the latest shounen ai/yaoi series/movies, you name it. I have found my fan-girl soulmate. What I didn't realize was that Kris has been following my blog and has been commenting really kind words that helped me get through some tough moments in my life. Sometimes I would be feel down and I'd read lovely comments or personal messages on my blog and on my facebook from my readers who would unknowingly lift up my spirits. Kris was one of them. Upon hearing about her recent break-up with A HUGE CHEATER (allcapswithfeelings), I decided to give back the support and kindness she has shown and give her a make-over because as we all know, the best revenge is to look good, feel good and be successful.
This is Kris' before and after photo. Because of hardwork from the gym (we're in the same gym btw), she went down from 150lbs to 120lbs. An amazing feat from this beautiful girl!
Kris doesn't really put on make-up because her ex told her that he preferred "simple girls" who looked "all natural." This surprised us because his chick/s now or whatever, was/were the complete opposite of what he had described and what he wanted Kris to look. Right. Well, we can all forget about him and his standards. Kris was going to learn how to put on make-up, be more daring with fashion and experiment with her looks!
After watching Disney's Frozen, we had a nice lunch at a Japanese place and then went shopping! We bought all of the basic things she'll need for make-up: concealer, eyebrow pencil, lipstick, blush, eyeshadow palette etc.
After the thrill of buying new make-up, I taught her how to apply them. So basically, she did all the work here, eyebrows, eye-make up etc. I'm very impressed because she's such a fast learner and was willing to acquire new skills. Her openness to experience and change gained my admiration even more.
Kris said that she always wore T-shirt and jeans. Well, not when you're with me! Hahaha! I asked her to try on some nice dresses with a cardigan over them since she's not quite ready to wear sleevless yet. One step at a time. I was floored by the result. Every sales lady in the store was gushing over how beautiful she looked and how the dresses complemented her porcelain skin. Sobrang inggit kame!!! Ang ganda ng friend ko! 

She bought every thing she tried on. I was soooo happy!
Even without the dresses, I noticed a lot of guys eyeing her while we were walking around the mall. I had a huge smirk on my face. I felt so accomplished and I think Kris felt more confident and happier. With over 330+ likes and comments from friends and strangers, Kris' photos received the attention and admiration she deserved. I believe that she is now stronger, happier and more confident.  A lot of painful things may have happened to her but I believe that they all happened for a reason. 
---- x----
To those who are still in the process of moving on, here are some tips I gave in my

1. Travel, travel, travel. Magsoulsearching ka. Pagnagtravel ka, ibahin mo environment mo. Magiiba din pakiramdam mo.

2. Make-over time! Magpaspa, magpamani-pedi, full body massage, new hairstyle.

3.  Focus on your goals in life. Ibaon mo muna sarili mo sa trabaho para makalimot. Kapag busy ka, mahirap siyang alalahanin. Take your "Single Phase" para gumawa ng paraan na mapaunlad ang sarili. Learn new things, acquire new skills. Ganyan.

4. Entertain your self, learn how to be happy alone. Watch A LOT of TV shows as in mga series, anime, american lahat. I recommend Modern Family, The Big Bang Theory, Downton Abbey for feel-good vibes. The Walking Dead, Homeland, Boardwalk Empire, Breaking Bad, Suits, How I Met Your Mother.. Lahatin mo na.

5. GYM! Mag-gym ka! Itakbo mo lahat ng ka-badtripan mo sa buhay. Malay mo, may mameet ka pa dun.

6. Dare to be Daring. Climb a mountain, run a marathon, take up a new sport, go to the unknown destinations, meet new people, taste new food, change your hair, change your wardrobe. 

To summarize:

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  1. Well-said Millie :)

    Kris has always looked great, pero nung nag galaxy dress- WOW! Dapat lang na magsisi yung cheater na yan!

    1. Thank you!! Hehehe indeed... Kris already looked good without make-up and dresses, naenhance lang talaga nung mga yun yung ganda nya hehe :D


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