December 08, 2013

Hurrah For November 2013!

This November we remember the victims of Super Typhoon Yolanda. Whilst the news coverage may have subsided, the grief, the pain, the hunger and the problems have not. Whilst we push forward with our lives, we must all remember to continue to do our part as volunteers or donors to help our fellow countrymen rebuild. For me, this November has also been a month of helping out with the Red Cross, but also reflection, catching up with friends and preparing for the next year, where new challenges and joys await. In the meantime, I still managed to live life and be thankful for all my friends, family and loved ones.
1. Red Cross Volunteer Work
However, this month has been overshadowed by the tragedy of Super Typhoon Yolanda. I could not stand by and just watch this tragedy unfold, so I volunteered at Red Cross Muntinlupa, packing clothes, food supplies and other donations to be shipped immediately to affected areas in Leyte. I admire the Red Cross volunteers so much for their tireless work, their enthusiasm and their integrity. As one of the most effective and honourable NGOs, I was honoured to do whatever I could to support them and the victims of the typhoon. I was so heartened to see almost all of the volunteers were young people, who worked hours on end. Special thanks to Ms. Amy who assisted me in everything. Our contributions may be small - but together, our bayanihan spirit helps overcome any disaster.

2. With HR Girlfriends
Catching up with my HR girlfriends warms my heart. I’ve missed them all, especially when I was in Sydney. They were so sweet to still remember and invite me for dinner, catch-ups and chika chikas!!! And the best news? The company’s resident bully got their just desserts. And no, it wasn’t chocolate. It was more fire-y. Hahahaha.

3. Dates with Ralen, Joy, Rey and Egan
I also managed to catch up with my good friend, Ralen from Insular Life - you go girl! As well, as Egan, my former student from the university of Perpetual Help. I’m so glad to hear he’s doing well. Joy was a joy as we caught up over coffee jelly too. Joy, who I met whilst she was a Psych intern is always a blast to hang out with. I got to meet Rey, Joy’s good friend and I thank him for giving time to help with our seminar for the prison.

4. New Passport and new wallet
(wallet pics are from a website. too lazy to take pics of it since it's cluttered sorry)
In the land of gods and monsters, I’m glad to have my new passport and wallet. The 5 year validity is vexing (10 year validity, please!). Thankfully, the DFA process was so quick and streamlined. My new wallet a real treat. My wallets must last for years and survive some rough handling, so quality is key. The gold Tory Burch number manages to add some style.

5. New Dresses

Some new additions to my wardrobe, including some choice, bespoke vintage finds in blue and red silk, floral dresses, a Chinoiserie cover-up and a number with lace sleeves brightened up my month with bursts of color. The vintage dresses are from my Lola, dating back to the 1950s-1960s. I received a lovely polk-a-dot, light blue sleeveless dress All bespoke, not ready-to-wear, I was amazed to find so many choice pieces intact. The sentimental value of having the style from a previous era inherited by me only heightens my love for these finds!

6. My Dogs and Christmas

However, I wasn’t the only one who got a wardrobe revamp. To add some Christmas cheer, we suited up our lovely pack of dogs in mischievous Santa and elf costumes!
We're ready for Christmas!

7. Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler) /Vassalord/Catching Fire
Everyone seems to be in love with Lorde. I’m not as keen on her, but she shares my fascination with all things aristocratic and royal. Enter, Kuroshitsuji, the Musical! The anime! And the Manga! And…the doujinshi! Be still my beating, yaoi heart. Vassalord fills this desire even more. I highly recommend it. No other series in this genre has such a compelling narrative and dazzling artwork.
 I went back to my LOVE for Black Butler so I watched Black Butler Season 1 again...
 Black Butler Season 2
 Re-read Black Butler Manga

 And watched all Black Butler Musicals 1, 2 and 3
And then watched Vassalord OVA
And read the whole Vassalord Manga.

Oh yeah, and I saw Catching Fire. Preferred Hunger Games, but I appreciate Jennifer Lawrence bringing to life a strong, moral and admirable female role model for young women everywhere.

As November drew to a close, I realised that although life has many hardships, it's through family, friends and loved ones that we persevere, move on and succeed. I'm glad to have everyone in my life, from my small puppies to all my girlfriends. So bring on 2014!

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