December 29, 2013

Blonde Hair, Don't Care!

The blonde are mocked for their synonymity with idiocy; yet prized and adored as symbols of beauty and desire. These two warring, diametrically opposed motifs regarding women: desire and derision collide powerfully for the golden-headed. Blonde hair is as much a genetic trait as a cultural symbol.

Choosing to accept this blonde hair or any loud hair color/neon colors such as pink, green, white, shocking or regla red in a sea of dark hair takes on even greater significance. It is the choice to stand-out, to be bold, to be brave. To make a statement. It attracts attention, admiration and controversy. It challenges and it entices. 

Becoming blonde was also hard work even though mine WAS NOT INTENDED. I asked for my usual hair color, but the senior stylist said that I already have too many colors on my hair c/o 2 ombre hair make-overs. He advised that I should opt for a "Color Correction Treatment" which meant that my hair would be bleached so that whatever color I intended afterwards would look "pantay" or even. 
Six hours in a salon, bleached, washed and repeated. The second, darker color I wanted DID NOT APPEAR. Hindi tumalab.
1. Bleach was applied. Painful Process. (3 hours)
2. Bleached hair = Super Saiyan yellow (Rinsed, Dried)
3. Second, darker color was applied (3 more hours)
4. Bleached hair won. Shit.

I've come to accept that THIS IS going to be my change for 2014; one that changes not only how you look, but how you’re perceived. As I've said on my Facebook:Paninindigan ko tong kaartehan ko. PANININDIGAN KO TO. Ayoko ng bumalik at sunugin buhok ng 3 hours more. NO.

Pros of being Blonde:
1. A good change
2. I get to cosplay these:
Milly Ashford from Code Geass and Annie from Shingeki No Kyojin.

1. Soooo hard and expensive to maintain.
2. Sometimes attracts unwanted attention (minsan ok, minsan hindi)
3. Good luck sa business meetings.
4. Pangit pag lumabas na ang black roots. ARGH. 

Luckily, my friends and family have all been VERY SUPPORTIVE! Thank you so much for all your words of encouragement. Ipu-push ko na to hanggang new year!
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  1. You look better with bleached hair! I love it! Can't stop looking at the 1st picture, sobrang ganda kahit nung bagsak ng hair. Though I can't imagine the maintenance. I'm just curious though, how's the texture of your hair now? Hindi ba sya super dry?

    1. Thank you, Anne! Sobrang hassle nga yung maintainance.. mahal at masakit! hehehe Yung texture ng hair ko, ganun pa din. Malambot na medyo dry or kasi siguro lagi ako nagcoconditioner. Hehehe Halata yung split ends pero keri naman. hihihi KAyang kaya mo to! Good luck! :D

  2. You look better with bleached hair! Can't stop looking at the 1st picture, ang ganda kahit yung pagkaka-style. Just curious though, how's the texture of your hair now? Is it dry/brittle or normal lang? Coz I tried doing ombré and super dry nung lower part, ung bleached part ng hair.

  3. Totally rocking it!!



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