November 19, 2013

Summer Love

After a bruising morning, wearing black, we emerge, clothed in color, flowers and sunlight to celebrate a life; one that loved to wine and dine, in style and by the water. So we did just that. 
Sydney, nestled around the shores of a deep harbour, offers a stunning backdrop, especially, at Ormeggio, where we were surrounded on both sides by water and yachts.
We embarked on the four course degustation contemporary Italian lunch, with matching wine and drinks. Homemade sourdough and butter; the smoothest ling fish baccala with dutch cream potatoes; agnolotti stuffed with veal in a rich and mellow onion consomm√© and charcoal Wagyu beef with black garlic all featured local produce, with Italian inflections. The dessert, a carrot, fennel seed ice cream with vinegar caramel provided a unique flavour twist. When it comes to food, Sydney, is a city that is intelligent and soulful; it’s not just a pretty face.
We were lucky to be visited by Mark’s Brother-in-law’s nephew, Flynn, a gorgeous little baby, with eyes as wide and as bright as his smile. 

After dessert, we stepped aboard Mark's relative's soon-to-be boat, which buoyed us up and down on the glistening harbour. 
Burgundy suit by Roger David, Zara T-shirt, Aldo boots
People Are People dress, shoes from Rustan's, Casio gold watch, Ray Ban wayfarer
So the sun shone on us as we imbibed our wine and gin cocktails, stories of past and present, smiles and laughs; the six of us together, three couples that, despite coming from different generations, all shared in the warmth of being a single family. It was welcoming, joyous, poignant and charming. It echoed the past - bringing to life the images and hopes we’ve had. And it whispered the future. It was our life, leisurely, relaxed and in the sun.

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Mark and Millie

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