November 05, 2013

Hurrah For October 2013!!!

What a month. 31 Days of excitement, tragedy, beauty, romance, good food, good company and mourning. It's been up and down. Work and play. Pathos and bathos. Through it all, I saw the power and beauty of nature and the human spirit and I was able to see the world with new eyes, from many different perspectives. So a toast to October - a month that packed in everything life has to offer!

1. Margie's Birthday
Happy Birthday Sisturrr!!! Purrrrrrr!!! Celebrated a simple dinner in Cibo and Conti's.

2. Tagaytay Trip
Tagaytay's mountain views from Skyranch and the comfort of chocolate crinkles from the Good Shepherd offered a welcome reprieve from the typical Manila buzz.

3. Work

Work! Bouncing ideas, crafting strategies and getting the aesthetics and message just right has proven a fulfilling and creative challenge. Ganbatte kudasai!

4. Sydney Trip
Sydney-side once more, with a taste of Australian summers. Beach days, markets, gourmet food (of every cuisine on earth), art, music and film. And of course…Mark.

5. Movie Dates with Mark
Sydney cinema means international film festivals, art house flicks, champagne, choc tops and harbour views or hipster crews. What’s not to like? Well…er aside from Evangelion 3.0. At least the choc top ice creams were good that night…

Watched Gravity in the biggest IMAX in the world!
One of Cate's strongest performance yet.

6. Visiting Mary MacKillop's Tomb
Mary MacKillop is Australia’s first Saint. A true revolutionary, social justice advocate, teacher, proto-feminist and all round bad-arse (she got ex-communicated for sticking it to the ‘man’), the chapel and tomb is a lovely and moving place which made it one of the first stops for Tita Aga, Tito Norman, Kenny and Christopher. Jaunts around the QVB, Chinatown and Japanese lunch outside Kinokuniya made it a treat.
I was so happy to pray with my Tita Aga who's battling cancer and her loving family, Tito Norman, Kenny and Christopher.

7. Sculpture By The Sea Exhibit
Sculpture by the Sea, however, takes the cake. Innovative sculptures exhibited along the Bondi to Tamarama walk was breathtaking. The setting was more stunning than the artwork.

8. With Mum
 Mum was also around for her fancy official conference with ANU.

9. Meeting Mark's family
I also got to meet all of Mark’s family. They are absolutely lovely! So charming, effusive, welcoming and successful. We got to talk over cocktails, degustation meals and metre-long pizzas, with a girls’ night out planned for next time I’m back! Mark’s mum was so caring and thoughtful - and she was an amazing cook and dinner host! Rock that lamb adobo!

10.Catching Up With Friends
Catching up with Friends: Chika-chika; shaberu; gossip it what you want, but nothing is more relaxing and carthartic than chewing your girlfriends' ear worms. You go girls! Aw yeah.

11. Gifts
Amazing, artisanal gifts from Mark’s gorgeous, glam sisters! Acqua dell’Elba Classic EDT, with a mandarin, lemon, rosemary, marine and mediterranean shrub finish from the Island of Elba on the Mediterranean; Santa Maria Novella di Farmacia’s citrus-rich EDT, fresh from Florence, Italy; A spiffy Benefit make-up kit perfect for travelling and some choice accessories and jewellery!

12. Beach Trips 
Sydney is beaches, north to south - from the rolling waves of Palm Beach to the crystal blue of Bondi. Balmoral, our local, with its hot sand and even hotter boys (hihihihi) did in a pinch.

That's it for Oct! I can finally say, I'm more at peace and happier.
Thank you, Mark.
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