November 10, 2013

Happy Sunny Balmoral Beach, Sydney

Balmoral is Mark's local beach. Set in a sheltered bay, it may not have the rolling waves of Bondi, but its tranquil waters, fig trees and its fit and gorgeous local crowd make it my favourite. Picturesque (and yummy) Bather's Pavilion, where Mark's sister was married occupies one end; the former Baths, where Mark grew up occupies the other. In between lies a rocky outcrop, with sea-weathered stone as intricate and breathtaking as its surrounds. And of course, it's a favourite for joggers and dog walkers, which means I can gush over as many fluffy dogs as I want!

 Perfect day is perfect. 
 Crystal Clear waters. Oh, that's Bather's Pavilion where Mark's sister, Carissa had her wedding. 
 Pandesal sa umaga.
 Nudo swimwear, skirt from H&M, sunglasses from D&G

 This is what I love about living in Sydney, Mark's house is just 5 minutes away! Every sunny day is beach day!
We need more sunny days.

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