October 20, 2013

Sunny Sydney

Dress from Chica Booti, flats from ShoeBox, D&G coral sunglasses, Casio gold watch, bandana from Bondi Markets

Spent a beautiful day at Bondi Beach. We went to Bondi Markets which is like their version of "Tiangge." Saw a lot of cool stuff. After that, we went to Newtown which Mark calls the "hipster" part of Sydney. Think of it like Cubao X, only much much larger. We saw this amazing outlet store of Dangerfield and other 50s/vintage style of clothing and we were at awe. Prices were from $20-$50(!!!) After that, we had dinner at this Italian restaurant in Lane Cove called Via Napoli, run by the nicest, most efficient and happiest Italians in this part of the world. Via Napoli has been featured as one of the best Italian places in the area so if ever you're in Syd, you MUST try this place.
All in all, it was, as usual, a lovely day.

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Listening to: Forget Love by Sunny & Gabe and Mike G
Loving: Mark
Watching: Homeland Season 3 Episode 3 

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