October 16, 2013

Forget LOVE by Sunny & Gabe and Mike G

Forget LOVE by Sunny & Gabe and Mike G

Hey you
Playing cymbals on your shoes
I would like to tell the news

Wanna live
Pick and choose

Sit you down and give you some time
Calm you down and make another right

Hey world
I've got to let you know
Take all
I've rhymed about before
Let go
The doubters let them fall
You're scared, it ain't my fault
Drive slow

The most decent thing you sayin', that you had me at a greeting
Not even worried, what's done in the dark will come to the light
Cause we move so fast, I hope we make it through tonight
See, these things cross my mind from time to time
Your presence is as melodic as making these words rhyme
I'm falling behind, hoping you will fall in line

Mark and I were about to go to the bank and gym at Military Rd.
Mark's car.
Cool wind.
Turned the radio on and bam!
This song literally just started playing.
It was a beautiful sunny morning in Sydney.
We kept quiet, listened and fell in love with the music.
This song represents my stay here in Sydney and also reminds me of the first time Mark and I met. 
It was a lovely day.

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