September 30, 2013

Ubud Bali, Indonesia Photo Diary 2 July, 2013

Taman Ayun/ Royal Temple
Bali is synonymous with beaches, but what drew me in were its cultural treasures. Taman Ayun, with its gorgeous masonry and intricate carvings was an exemplar of the Balinese Pura Tirta, or ‘water temples’ that not only served as a source of spiritual nourishment, but nourished the city with water through a sophisticated irrigation system. 

Karya Mas Gallery
 Balinese ingenuity extends to other media, including the exquisite wood carvings at the Karya Mas Gallery. The famed masks and puppets are enticing talismans of a rich cultural heritage that I learned to adore. 

Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary

Thankfully, the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary preserves Bali’s rich, yet delicate ecology. You all know I love animals, so it was a treat to see monkeys in their element and...specifically, not attacking me! I did have to visit the Bali Zoo; whilst not as ethical, I accomplished my bucket list item of riding an elephant into combat and I also got to pet the adorable bear cat, which helped raise awareness for their vulnerable status in peninsular Southeast Asia.
Bucketlist: Ride at the back of an elephant.
I swore that it was gonna be the first and last time I'll ever ride an elephant. They were so beautiful and gentle that I actually wanted to hug this fella.

I hugged a bearcat!!! It's so adorable!

Art Gallery

Goa Gajah Temple
Goa Gajah or the Elephant Cave, with its baths and demon carvings were awe inspiring and well deserving of their UNESCO World Heritage Site status.
Ironically, the Statue of Arjuna, hero of the Hindu epic Mahabharata is emblematic of Bali. Proud, cultured, noble and chivalrous, if renowned more for aesthetics and conquests. So make sure to leave the beaches to savour the cultured side of Bali.

Things to do in Bali (Part 2)
7. Taman Ayun/Royal Temple
8. Karya Mas Wood Carving Gallery
9. Bali Zoo
10. Ride an elephant
11. Goa Gajah Temple
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